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Hailey + Ellie + Addie + Harper

How much do I love these girls? *THIS MUCH*

How much do I ADORE their new house, filled with the most breathtaking, natural light. *SO MUCH*

The combination? Well, let’s just say that I was happy clapping the entire time I was there.

AND? This is my (counting on my fingers…) 7th or 8th session with this family (not including Harper’s birth)…and this was BY FAR the easiest session of all. LOVE. THESE. GIRLS.

Untitled-1 copy


Love this quick snap…see the photo on the upper left? That’s from Addie’s 6 month session. We tried to recreate it today with all four girls, and as the big girls clambered in I just HAD to a quick photo of these cute little monkeys.

IMG_4895 copy

IMG_4885 copy

IMG_4916 copy



Katherine (+ Murphy)

Photographing Katherine is an annual tradition, and one that I look forward to year after year (after year). Each year she has a little more personality, a larger vocabulary, a bigger view of the world. This time she let me stay afterwards and play in her room for a little while…we’re buddies like that.

Murphy, on the other hand, seems to like me a little less every year (Hi Murphy! WHATAGOODBOYYOUAREYESYOUARE!!!). Between you and me, I think his grey is starting to show. But it makes him look ever so dignified, dontcha think?

IMG_3838 copy

IMG_3804 copy
Our annual photo session has one added dimension of greatness…Katherine’s mommy waves goodbye and heads off to work, and leaves me with Katherine and her sweet Nanny Kylie to play and do our thing. And so, we did! We walked the Murphster, played a little dress-up, showed off our ballet moves, and even put on a little fashion show just for me in between outfit changes.

Love. This. Girlchild.


IMG_3861 copy



It’s my favorite time of year!!!

The emails have been POURING in (I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!) asking “WHEN are the mini sessions starting? Have I missed them?”. After last year’s shorter holiday season than usual (for the very best reason of all, of course), THIS year we are doing these back-to-back AND possibly adding a 3rd day. We are halfway booked already (I KNOW!). I hated turning families away last year, and just feel so blessed and honored that those who had to pass on their annual dose of Sugar have waited patiently and are ready to jump back on the bandwagon with us. How lucky am I?

So join us for some crazy, silly, fun and wild holiday card fun!

mini sessions copy