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Logan + Landry…

Are you in the mood for a story?

Earlier in the week I fell victim to my two oldest begging for a sleepover with my friend, Minivanmom’s, three kids. “But Lucy is my sister!” said Ben, and I got all warm and mushy inside. I texted Minivanmom and she got all warm and mushy back, and we agreed that Thursday night would be perfect for a sleepover. At my house. Six kids.

Kate Gosselin, eat your heart out.

Of course, the finer details were sort of left up in the air. They have to be at camp? That next morning? Sure…it’s just around the corner (except it wasn’t just around the corner). Which is not at ALL the point of my story…I got six kids up, dressed, and out the door around 8. We made it to camp in time, and I made it to the park for Logan and Landry’s session just three minutes late.

Except, as I drove that last block and started thinking in my mind “I’ll start here, and we’ll end up there…and the light should be great because OMG MY CAMERA IS AT HOME”.

Photogs, do me a favor…can you post a comment and share your own “I left my camera/card/battery at home” story? So I’m not the only one? KTHXBAI

Anyway, I called L&L’s mom, who laughed and was not in the least upset (I LOVE THAT WOMAN), and I hightailed it back home.

Even after all THAT, and Landry not feeling so sure about this whole photo-taking-thingamajig (and the mosquitoes, and the mud, and the sweat), we had a great time. I even had the chance to wind down with a little swing pushing and chit chatting…what better way to end a rough start?

SO…all that said…Take a look at what I ended up with. I’m holding a few of my VERY favorites back to surprise their mom. But these turned out pretty darn cute too :)

IMG_2373 copy



(Logan demonstrates the patented Sugar Shooting Stance)