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Unplanned surprises bring the most joy…

Yesterday’s session was centered around the newest little one in this family of five…baby brother Michael will soon be here to join in the fun, and after last week’s family of four girls, I had a blast playing with these three soon-to-be big brothers.

See how beautiful mom is? Radiant…peaceful…she handles being the only girl in a pack of boys VERY well.

I wanted to make sure we had a few sweet images of the current baby of the family.  Baby #4 was a surprise, and little Andrew is going to do a great job of showing him the ropes.

This is one of my favorite images from this session…a tangled mess of limbs in the background, laughter and tickles, and a big eyed brother in the front.  I *heart* this.


The best Valentine’s dates are found here…

Sunday night was a very special night for several families in the area.  Heroes for Children is, as many know, a childrens’ charity that is near and dear to my heart.  I am always happy to help them in any way that I can, and was thrilled to be asked to photograph their annual Valentine’s Dinner.

Every family in attendance has been touched by childhood cancer, and although they were brought together by a terrible thing, the love that each family has for each other made it a wonderful night and a perfect Valentine’s celebration.  I had an absolute blast photographing these precious families, and I pulled a few off my card to show here.

HFC-Thank you for asking me to be there on Sunday night.


Charisma in spades…

Sweet Ethan is now a graduate of our baby plan. Today’s session was his last of that year-long plan, and I am always so proud to see these little ones grow and change, but sad to see them no longer the sleepy newborn, or smiley 6 month old.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing his brother Alex throughout his first year of life too…and now that neither of these guys will be coming to see me every six month…well, it’s sad!

So we celebrated the big 0-1 by hitting the streets of Deep Ellum.  Because what fits a feisty one year old toddler better than the grunge and character of this area? I know…it was perfect.

Both boys have some serious dance moves, and they showcased them for me today.

But along with dance moves came Kung Fu moves (from a certain Panda, perhaps?).  Alex showed me his mad kung fu skillz:

The birthday boy himself…gonne miss seeing these blue eyes every few months, that’s for sure!

We got a little crazy at the end…”Let’s go defy death kids!” as I put it…and this is one of those shots that just makes me giggle…he did it over and over again. LOVED IT!

This entire session was filled with laughter and energy and just plain, old fashioned joy.  Much love to this little family!