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Hailey + Ellie + Addie + Harper

How much do I love these girls? *THIS MUCH*

How much do I ADORE their new house, filled with the most breathtaking, natural light. *SO MUCH*

The combination? Well, let’s just say that I was happy clapping the entire time I was there.

AND? This is my (counting on my fingers…) 7th or 8th session with this family (not including Harper’s birth)…and this was BY FAR the easiest session of all. LOVE. THESE. GIRLS.

Untitled-1 copy


Love this quick snap…see the photo on the upper left? That’s from Addie’s 6 month session. We tried to recreate it today with all four girls, and as the big girls clambered in I just HAD to a quick photo of these cute little monkeys.

IMG_4895 copy

IMG_4885 copy

IMG_4916 copy



The best Valentine’s dates are found here…

Sunday night was a very special night for several families in the area.  Heroes for Children is, as many know, a childrens’ charity that is near and dear to my heart.  I am always happy to help them in any way that I can, and was thrilled to be asked to photograph their annual Valentine’s Dinner.

Every family in attendance has been touched by childhood cancer, and although they were brought together by a terrible thing, the love that each family has for each other made it a wonderful night and a perfect Valentine’s celebration.  I had an absolute blast photographing these precious families, and I pulled a few off my card to show here.

HFC-Thank you for asking me to be there on Sunday night.


Matthew is ONE…

Happy Birthday to yet another of our little baby planners.  It’s hard enough when MY kids grow up before I can turn around, but to see so many of our little buddies here at Sugar growing like weeds before the lens? Well, that just might push me over the edge.  Wasn’t it yesterday that we met Matthew before he was even born? Not to mention all of his little stages in between.


Big sister Caroline still leads the pack, but he’s now a rough and tumble, waits-for-no-Momma kind of guy…and with a mischievous smile that could melt any heart.

Big congratulations to this sweet family…Can you see the bump hiding above?  Baby #3 is on it’s way!  Which is just the salve I need after losing another sweet baby planner to Toddlerhood.