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Pink or Blue?

I was lucky enough to help welcome a new little life into this world today…the newest baby in a family with three girls.  The big question of the day: What would it be?

Votes were cast by the bazillion family members in the waiting room, and I had a mental bet placed (I said girl).

At 3:54 pm Harper Amelia came into the world with the sweetest, softest cry I have ever heard. Another girl!

She weighs a dainty 7 pounds 1 ounce, and looks *just* like her three sisters.

The three big sisters were fetched from the waiting room and allowed to be the first to see their new baby, find out what SHE was, and hear her name.

I think they were a *mite* excited:

When the time came to hold her, tears and pleads of “Me first! “I wanna hold her!” came fast and hard from this little trio of big sisters.  Daddy was fair and let them each have a turn, going from youngest to oldest.

No longer the middle child, sweet Ellie had a hard time sharing (but an easy time loving on) her new baby sister.

This just says it all:

Congratulations everyone!  Harper is a love, and I can’t wait to see her grow and change.

Welcome to the wold Harper Amelia!