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Hailey + Ellie + Addie + Harper

How much do I love these girls? *THIS MUCH*

How much do I ADORE their new house, filled with the most breathtaking, natural light. *SO MUCH*

The combination? Well, let’s just say that I was happy clapping the entire time I was there.

AND? This is my (counting on my fingers…) 7th or 8th session with this family (not including Harper’s birth)…and this was BY FAR the easiest session of all. LOVE. THESE. GIRLS.

Untitled-1 copy


Love this quick snap…see the photo on the upper left? That’s from Addie’s 6 month session. We tried to recreate it today with all four girls, and as the big girls clambered in I just HAD to a quick photo of these cute little monkeys.

IMG_4895 copy

IMG_4885 copy

IMG_4916 copy




IMG_1489 copy

Suddenly sweet, newborn Noah isn’t a newborn any more. I couldn’t get over how much he had changed from his last session, and just fell head over heels in love with his fluffy hair and big, dark eyes (not to mention those lips!). He was such a happy little guy all through our session, and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with him (and his awesome family!).




Noah’s grandmother moved to Dallas to take care of him during the day, so of course we had to document the adoration between those two. They have such a sweet, special bond that is so obvious to see.

IMG_1504 copy


(I just love this one with his Mommy…drool and all!)
IMG_1698 copy

One big happy…
IMG_1727 copy



Today I had the chance to play with another squishy newborn…and this one was squishier than most!  Wyatt came into this world weighing 10 pounds, and his session is one I’ve been looking forward to ever since we heard his birth weight. How often do you get to play with a 10 pounder?

Wyatt is the first born of this sweet little family,and his parents are absolutely smitten with their little man.

A great thing about Wyatt’s session is that his grandparents were there.  It’s rare enough that I get to meet grandparents at sessions, but rarer still is the chance to photograph them with their precious new grandbaby.

And one thing that I noticed today is how much Wyatt looks like his grandfather:

And again…these sweet grandparents are just so in love with their Wyatt!

Welcome to the world, sweet Wyatt!  I look forward to watching you grow!


Charisma in spades…

Sweet Ethan is now a graduate of our baby plan. Today’s session was his last of that year-long plan, and I am always so proud to see these little ones grow and change, but sad to see them no longer the sleepy newborn, or smiley 6 month old.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing his brother Alex throughout his first year of life too…and now that neither of these guys will be coming to see me every six month…well, it’s sad!

So we celebrated the big 0-1 by hitting the streets of Deep Ellum.  Because what fits a feisty one year old toddler better than the grunge and character of this area? I know…it was perfect.

Both boys have some serious dance moves, and they showcased them for me today.

But along with dance moves came Kung Fu moves (from a certain Panda, perhaps?).  Alex showed me his mad kung fu skillz:

The birthday boy himself…gonne miss seeing these blue eyes every few months, that’s for sure!

We got a little crazy at the end…”Let’s go defy death kids!” as I put it…and this is one of those shots that just makes me giggle…he did it over and over again. LOVED IT!

This entire session was filled with laughter and energy and just plain, old fashioned joy.  Much love to this little family!