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Dylan, Libby + Ella {dallas children’s photographer}

Every year it is my GREAT pleasure to give the woman that keeps the wheels on the Sugar bus from falling off a session that thrills her to her toes (and keeps her at Sugar at least one more year).  If you’ve worked with Sugar in the past, oh, four years, then you’ve had the opportunity to hear Mindy’s sweet voice over the phone, or her expertise in finding the right location for your session.  She keeps me on schedule, organized (as best as she can), and is truly one of the happiest, genuinely NICE people I know.  She jokes that she leads a charmed life, but it’s true. She does. And more importantly, she is so very deserving of all that life has given her.

Her charmed life extends into our sessions every. single. year. And this year we raced an oncoming wall of rain clouds and a location site dotted with tents and staff breaking down an event. But, as always seems to happen, we had an absolutely perfect session.  Even the rain held off until we were finished shooting.

Charmed life, indeed.  Just take a look:

(guess who just turned eleven?)


Lyla + Gannon {highland park children’s photographer}

Our holiday rush has already begun in earnest! Prior Sugar families KNOW how important it is to get their holiday card session done asap.  It may be 107 during the day, but at 8am it was still a ‘cool’ 89 ;) (hey, I work fast…we only broke a sweat towards the end).

Nothing makes me happier than seeing familiar faces, especially now that we’re meeting so many NEW faces thanks to D Magazine.

Give me those same familiar faces, their mom’s fabulous style, and one of my favorite locations to shoot? Magic:

Gorgeous Lyla

Last year Gannon was thrilled with his gangsta pic (baseball cap on sideways, arms crossed and feeling cool). This is this year’s version. He looks pretty intimidating, don’t you think? ;)

I had to throw this one into the mix…love, love, LOVE how she’s looking at her big brother.

As mentioned above, we are booking up fast and furious! Snag your Sugar session soon so we can guarantee your spot!


Ben + Sam {dallas childrens’ photographer}

Mr Ben has now completed his Sugar Baby Plan (*sniffle!*) and I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to NOT see these little guys every six months. It seems like just yesterday we started big brother Sam’s Baby Plan with his newborn session. Literally, yesterday. This whole kids-growing-up-in-a-flash just *has* to stop (someone get on that, okay?).

So anyway, Ben. 1 year. Blue eyes. Huge smile. Happy kid. LOVE. (and, he’s quick. Keep scrolling down…)

I also love Sam, and when he looks at his brother like this? My heart just melts.

Ben is the king of expressions (keep scrolling…)

He has a gorgeous mom,

a playful dad,

and a silly brother.

(who also doubles as a GQ model. For serious.)

How much do we love quick, expressive, can’t-catch-me one year old Ben? LOTS.

Hey Ben and Sam…talk those cute parents into one more for me, okay? ;)


Elizabeth + Katie {plano children’s photographer}

This post is a little more photo-heavy than usual, but it’s for a very good reason. This family was INCREDIBLY generous when donating to Heroes for Children’s 5K in September, and it wasn’t hard to predict that with as many entries as they had in the Sugar raffle, that they would walk away winners.

And, they did!

Elizabeth and Katie met me in Deep Ellum yesterday afternoon for their winning session, and we had SO much fun. These girls are just hysterical…so easy to get to laugh and have fun, so natural and at ease in front of the camera. It was a GREAT way to spend an afternoon, listening to their giggles and watching their antics. They are truly a joy!

I love the Dallas skyline in Elizabeth’s sunglasses (the sunset was gorgeous, as you can see).

Can you believe this was smack in the middle of Deep Ellum? I never get tired of finding new little pockets of greatness to use for our shoots.


Leslie {Dallas High School Senior Photography}

I had so much fun with Leslie on Saturday afternoon (despite the 100 degree temps!). We had amazing light, the perfect breeze, and with someone as naturally pretty as Leslie, it was no problem shooting a gazillion gorgeous images. I think I should apologize to her mom in advance ;)

One of the last shots of the day…loooove the texture of the leaves with the ruffles of her dress. Plus the colors, and the light, and the gorgeousness…BLISS!