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Josh, Jakob + Ali {el paso childrens photographer}

Have camera, will travel!  What’s easier (and less expensive!) than flying your family to Dallas for a Sugar shoot? We love to travel (look for an announcement on Adoption Sunday sessions coming to Boston soon!). Bonus: Your kids don’t lose their routine, you don’t have that exhausted “I just slept in a hotel bed with my kids wedged up under my armpits and do you even KNOW what time they woke up this morning?” look that I know so well, AND you don’t have to pack an entirely different suitcase for your outfits for our shoot. Have camera, will travel, AND I dig in closets.

These boys happen to have a closet loaded with Mini Boden (swoon), a backyard to die for (double swoon), and did I mention their English accents?  It’s a good thing there wasn’t a video camera present at our session, or you’d all get to hear me butcher their accent (time and time again).  I was brilliant (not really). But hey, I entertained myself, the boys were adorable, and we ended up with some amazing images, so I *think* their dad will forgive me ;)

The littlest one, Ali, had an infectious laugh that I just could NOT get enough of. What an ice breaker!

Look at him!

I have to admit I *did* pull out my phone after our session and asked him to do the “Charlie bit me” thing…but the little bugger has spent enough time in the states that he said it more American than my own kids.

This one, Mr Jakob, with his shaggy hair and easy grin, is about as GQ as they come.

And then there’s Josh. A mini-me of his dad (and a perfect gentleman to boot).

This trio of boys is led by their father, who was brave enough to fly to England the day after our shoot (and I hear they arrived in one piece, though he had the type of little-boys-vomiting-in-rental-cars-and-airports experience would turn even the most seasoned of parenting veterans grey.  I promised this blog post on Tuesday…and we’ll be generous and say I mean HIS time instead of ours ;)

Just a quick self-portrait that I snapped while figuring out the light in their backyard. It was a true oasis in the desert of El Paso.



{note: I’m a big dork. Can’t bring myself to include {} or {LA Children’s Photographer} in the title. I KNOW! I just can’t…I don’t do my own PR very well ;) }


This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to fly to LA and shoot a couple of REALLY cute kids. LA minis were a hoot, and we topped off the day by documenting Miss Josselyn’s 3rd birthday party. Her mom is on TV, and I am SO BAD because hi, I don’t watch a lot of tv. So I spent a lot of that day walking around thinking to myself “Well THAT person looks familiar…I think?”. If I squinted, it wasn’t at all different from a Dallas birthday party. Awesome parents, adorable kids, yummy cake, pretty decorations. Except this one had live entertainment, and a few faces even *I* recognized, and the whole thing ended up on

But you know, besides THAT, it was just like any other birthday party ;)

Here are a few that didn’t make (but that I LOOOOVE).