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Maggie + Abby {dallas senior photography}

Last year Maggie and Abby were in front of my lens a couple of times (here and here), and as each session with them is such a blast (plus, the clothes (and SHOES and JEWELRY, oh my) always make my fashion-loving heart skip a beat), I could NOT wait to see them again. Even better, our combo Senior-Rush-Christmas shoot (which, because of the clothes and shoes and sassy girls, means I should have Fashion added to that list) was supposed to be outside. But at the last minute we switched to the Meyerson to get us OUT of this miserable heat, and it turned out to be a fabulous decision. Just look:


We ended our Senior-Rush-Christmas-Fashion shoot at the Winspear Opera House next door, and it was the perfect way to wrap up our session. Absolutely love that reflecting pool!


Ellie {dallas senior photographer}

Thursday afternoon we had the break in the weather that I’ve been hoping for. The rain stopped, the sun came back out, and it was nice and Fall-ish (but not too cold). It was the PERFECT weather for Ellie’s senior shoot, and we had the BEST time. Both Ellie and her mom just exude warmth and exuberance, and it’s easy to get caught up in their bubbly personality. Both are eclectic and boho, which are right up my alley in style…we had a great shoot, and the camera just LOVES Miss Ellie!

I was giddy when Ellie showed me her prom dress, and loved pairing the elegance with the rustic field…can you see her bare toes peeking out from underneath? LOVE.


Maggie {Fort Worth Senior Photographer}

This afternoon I got LUCKY. A storm started to roll in 45 minutes before I was to meet Maggie for her Senior session, but she was already in Dallas (after driving in from Fort Worth with her cute mom…hooray for budgeting enough time for a Northpark shopping trip!), and we were able to scramble and meet a little ahead of schedule. The dark clouds stayed just East of us, allowing that gorgeous light from the setting sun to play with our photos, and by the time the sprinkles started we were already finished and ready to head for home!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Maggie is so darn photogenic either. ;)

It was nice to finally get to play with this field…my little subjects aren’t tall enough to be seen over the grass.

I saw this one in the camera and had to comment with a sassy “RAWR!”. Because, um…RAWR.

I just love her natural beauty.


Leslie {Dallas High School Senior Photography}

I had so much fun with Leslie on Saturday afternoon (despite the 100 degree temps!). We had amazing light, the perfect breeze, and with someone as naturally pretty as Leslie, it was no problem shooting a gazillion gorgeous images. I think I should apologize to her mom in advance ;)

One of the last shots of the day…loooove the texture of the leaves with the ruffles of her dress. Plus the colors, and the light, and the gorgeousness…BLISS!



This afternoon was a GREAT time. I met with Cloe for her Senior session, and it was such a nice change of pace. She’s an incredible dancer, and I had the best time collaborating with what she had in mind and adding my own little twist. We had a ball, and I’m pretty sure we scored the only unmowed field in all of Dallas.

Of course we HAD to drag out the tutu and toe shoes! You didn’t think we’d leave them at home, did you?

I think it was about here that a guy jogged by with his dog. I’m crouched in the dirt, racing the setting sun and trying to manually focus while telling Cloe “DO NOT MOVE” when he stops to chat, and his dog decides to investigate my ear. Nice, huh? He was actually really sweet, and commented that he’s run by this spot “over a hundred times”, but had “never seen anything like THIS”. I think we made his day ;)

Photographers-here’s how sweet the light was…this is SOOC (straight out of the camera), edges burned just slightly. AMAZING LIGHT.

(Oh, and can’t forget our assistant. Cloe’s awesome sister came too. She waved the reflector around and created wind. Let’s not forget to applaud Hallie! *APPLAUSE*…photos of Hallie wielding the reflector will be left UNposted, if she promises to not post the ones she snapped of me crouched in the dirt. Deal? Deal. I’m glad we had this talk.)