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Another babyplanner has officially graduated from Sugar. SNIFF SNIFF!

Sweet Carmen charmed me early on, and we had a great time at her 6 month session. But this session, at 17 months, is the one that absolutely blew me away. I know very few (if any) 17 month olds that are as cognitive and aware as she is (I mean, hello…she’s POTTY TRAINED!).

We had a blast this morning! Take a look at this sweet, oh-so-big girl.



Sweet Campbell had her last babyplan session today, just one year and one day from the first time I met her (sniff, sniff).  She has grown so much (even from the last time I saw her), and I will dearly miss seeing these big blue eyes every few months.

The proverbial Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ;)


Cutie Carmen…

This morning I had the chance to play with our newest little baby planner, and we had a ball! She is not exactly a sleepy, curly little newborn as most of our new baby planners start out, and it was a fun change of pace. She was smiley, talkative, and big on eye contact and cutie expressions. She also knows she has these two wrapped around her little finger, dontcha think? This qualifies as one of those “they made me do this” clothing choices (I think you could hear Carmen and I both saying this to ourselves)…this outfit came off of her build-a-bear. And yet…I happen to *heart* this photo…look how proud Dad is! Welcome to the Sugar club, Miss Carmen!


Natalie with the big, blue eyes…

Natalie turned One this weekend, and we met today to document this (as my daughter would say) ginormous milestone.

Natalie is one gorgeous one year old! Those eyes…I think I probably said “Ohmigosh…I love her eyes!” about a million times. I’m nothing, if not repetitive. But seriously, look:

So we played, and laughed, and practiced walking (with help, of course):

Mom and Dad were such laid back, casual people…just how I like ‘em!

We even braved today’s chilly, windy weather for a chance to photograph on their front steps (I love texture!).
And there was this funny looking cow on their front steps….Being the Aggie-at-heart that I am, I wasn’t quite sure what to tell Miss Natalie about her parents’ love for all things orange and white.

In the end, I think this shirt says it all.

And those eyes!!!! *Ginormous*!


For real this time…

This is the last session of ’07. After today, there are NO MORE.

On the flip side, the kids will be home from school for approximately 2.5 weeks, starting Friday. Lord help me.

We met in the park this morning to celebrate Andrew’s big first birthday. I’ve known Andrew for longer than that…and if you’ve been to our studio you’ve seen his gorgeous pregnant mommy. What a difference a year makes!

Happy Birthday sweet Andrew! Happy first year as a big sister Katy! Happy Christmas to all the grandparents in attendance (there were many!).

I’m saving the grandparent images until later…but for now-a sneak peek of these two babies, who absolutely ended my year on a high note.

It truly doesn’t get better than this:

The LAST image of 2007. LOVE IT!