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Ella Dawn {ACPCG}

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ella’s aunt Rachael, who told me about her soon-to-be niece. Ella was diagnosed with two rare congenital heart defects at 21 weeks gestation, and her family was traveling to Dallas for her delivery and surgery in hopes of giving her the very best medical care available. I was asked to photograph Ella as part of volunteering with the American Child Photographer’s Charity Guild.

Two days ago Ella entered the world, and was immediately whisked into surgery. The first of her two congenital heart defects was repaired during this surgery, and the second round of surgeries will begin in the next two to five days.

Today was the day that her Mommy was finally allowed to hold her daughter, and I am honored and blessed to have been able to witness and document it. I think the photos from today say more than I could ever attempt to express, so I just ask that you visit Ella’s blog and send up a prayer for her entire family.


Carly + Grant

Carly and her big brother Grant (and her cute parents too, of course) took part in our Adoption Sunday session last week. We had such a great time in their home, and Carly was an absolute joy to be around. Let me tell you, this girl can talk! She started chattering when I walked in the door, and didn’t stop until I left

Carly was adopted from China at 19 months, and is now a busy, playful, *informative* five year old. She’s heading into Kindergarten in the Fall (like several little five year olds I know…*sniffle*), and this girlfriend is READY! She showed off some of her mad writing skillz…

Probably my favorite image from our session…Grant and Carly snuggled into bed, reading one of their favorite books (one of my favorites too…”Once there was a little boy…” (say it with me)).

Thanks guys for having me come out! (Carly-I still have my new ‘ring’ that you made for me…it makes me smile every time I look at it! Thank you again!)


NILMDTS in the News…

The Today Show featured a beautiful segment showcasing this amazing charity. I am so proud to play a small part in the work that is done through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.


A reunion of sorts…

Today we had a fabulous, fun-filled family session (say that three times fast) with a client that I am always proud to say is one of my favorites. This little one has conquered great odds, and the fact that she is here today to even have a session is no small miracle.

I first heard about Audrey through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Her mommy’s best friend contacted me before she was born to see if I would be available to photograph her at the hospital should she not survive. Of course I said yes.

I never did get to do this session, something for which I will be forever grateful.

Instead, a few months later she was home, and to celebrate her life we arranged a session

This is still one of my favorite prints of all time, and one that I display with pride in our viewing room. I plan on always having it up, to remind me of this small miracle.

A few months after that we met, yet again, to turn her precious face into one of the cutest billboards in Dallas.

I was bummed to not have been able to squeeze them in during the Christmas rush, but we made up that today.

And boy, Audrey sure has come a long way since that first time I met her. For starters, she is no longer the sleepy, cooperative newborn. This girl has some spunk!