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Penelope Lynn {mckinney newborn photographer}

I can’t think of a better way to kick off a new year than with a new baby, can you?

Miss Penelope turns a whole 8 days old tonight, and I can say with absolute certainty that she was the easiest, sleepiest, cuddliest newborn I’ve photographed ALL YEAR (Get it?).  But she truly was so sweet and sleepy, and just the perfect way to start the ’2012′ folder of images on my computer.

(and then she woke up and demanded to know just what I was doing there ;) )


Mason, Ethan + Alex {dallas newborn photographer}

It’s such a fun deja-vu situation when you get to photograph not one, not two, but THREE kiddos in the same family as newborns. Add the fact that all three are boys, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been six whole years, then four, since you were pointing your camera at one of their boys, fresh and brand new.

But I *am* just that lucky to have a deja-vu moment like that, and it was wonderful.

Sweet Mason was just 8 days old at his session, and with two older brothers, there is a LOT to see. So I don’t exactly blame him for being just like this for the first 45 minutes or so:

(see his old man frown? hysterical!) By the way, if you’re not on Instagram, you should be. It’s addictive (in a good way).

But we were able to outlast him, and ended up with a little guy like this:

(delightfully sleepy)

This beautiful momma could not look more serene…and in a house FILLED with boys no less!

Welcome to the world, sweet Mason! I am SO looking forward to documenting your first year of life, just as I did your two older brothers!


Rook, Libby, Chloe + Cy {Plano newborn photographer}

Newborn Rook is surrounded by a bevy of adoring fans, and it’s not hard to see why.  Not only is he the baby of the family, but he’s as mellow and chill as they come.  Fastest newborn session to date, ESPECIALLY for a newborn session with a toddler to boot. Which means that not ONLY do we give the 6 day old baby props, but BIG ones to sweet Libby for rocking it as well.

But first, sweet Rook. I try to give a bit of structure to newborn sessions with a general game plan (start with curling baby shots, then when they’re good and asleep, add in the family and go from there).  This one went in the opposite direction, partly because I really try to catch the toddler-4 year olds when THEY want to cooperate. Luckily, Libby was excited and involved every step of the way, and had her older siblings there to pull her out and entertain her when needed.

So, in OPPOSITE order of how we shot this (sort of)…Sleepy Rook (on a rockin’ grey bench that I am now in NEED of having):

I love grabbing little shots here and there as we get everyone situated and adjusted. Chloe and her dad cuddling Rook was one of those. Love.

One of the FIRST ones we grabbed (actually, the 2nd click of my shutter, just to give you an idea of how amazing Libby was)-the sisters! (and yay for gorgeous natural light!)

Another quick snap that I just love. Is there anything sweeter than this?

(see Cy’s face? There was a question about how long Rook’s bladder (or other end) would last. He made it ALL the way through our game of Baby Roulette, and baptized mama as she reached for the diaper at the end. Total rockstar (and a good natured mommy to boot!).



Sterling {dallas newborn photographer}

Four-week-old Sterling can be described as a wise old soul, a night owl, and a flirt with the ladies. He’s also the answer to a lot of prayers, and an absolute joy to photograph.

I loved meeting him at his placement last month, and today got to see the adoration that comes along with these brand, spankin’ new parents firsthand.

I probably could have stayed all day. Or taken him home. He was as mellow as they come (though I hear it’s really just an act for company ;) ).

Adoptions make me mushy (for good reason), so I’ll stop gushing about his eyelashes, his toes, his parents and his obvious winning personality, and just send you guys to enjoy the sneaks from our session this morning:



Sterling {fort worth adoption photographer}

I have witnessed the forming of families multiple times, and have loved documenting every single one. Through biology or adoption, when a couple becomes parents for the very first time, it is a profound, magical moment, and I am always honored to document it.

Baby Sterling is one of those lucky little ones that is absolutely surrounded by love. His first mommy loved him so much that she found the perfect people to be his forever mommy and daddy, and I was lucky enough to be there for their Placement. In a small hospital chapel, this baby boy was passed from mother to mother, father to grandmother. He was wrapped in a blanket knitted by his birth mother, blessed by a chaplain, and surrounded by members of both his families as he was officially welcomed into the arms of the couple that had hoped and waited and prayed for him.

To say that it was beautiful is an understatement. It was an emotional, beautiful, heart wrenching and uplifting moment to witness.

How’s this for a proud new daddy?

Welcome to the world, baby Sterling. It’s a wonderful place to be.