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Best in Big D!

I am so very pinch-me-quick, I-must-be-dreaming honored to have been nominated by the editors of D Magazine for Best Family Photographer in this year’s Best in Big Dcompetition.

Voting is HOURLY through May 29th, and if I’m not already driving you nuts on Twitter and Facebook, I’m sure that’ll soon start to happen ;)

Huge thanks in advance to clients, family, friends and colleagues who are spreading the word and sharing the link (and all the love that goes with it).

I’m honored to be tapped for this, but mostly just proud to stand beside the other finalists, many of whom I’ve known and admired for years. We are all *already* winners (let’s link arms and sing Kumbaya).

If you haven’t already, go here and vote (“Best Family Photographer” is at the VERY END).

As they say…vote often, vote hard, but keep it sweet!



It’s that time again!

disclaimer: We posted this on Facebook for our fans yesterday (we *heart* our fans!) and within minutes had 4 sessions booked. There are just a few left!

It’s my very favorite time of year-I love seeing familiar faces and making new friends, too. Hope to see you there!

the details are the same as previous years: up to 4 subjects (more are welcome, but there’s a small fee), $500 minimum print order is still required, and we throw in the thrilled grandparents for free (THEY LOVE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THEIR GRANDKIDS!) ;)



Sugar headed to California this weekend (details are HERE), and while there we were able to squeeze in a quick session with the powerhouse that is Jayneoni Moore and her beautiful Sophie.

I have to laugh because Sophie wasn’t exactly feeling it, and I am quite sure that after the craziness that was our session her mom thought I was either completely nuts or a total Pollyanna (as I kept telling her “I PROMISE I’m getting some good ones. PROMISE!”. Who knows how to work a nap-ready toddler better than a mommy who has one of her own?

I’ve always been a huge fan of the big-eyed, somber look…LOVE THIS GIRL (her eyes are AMAZING):

Jayneoni is putting together donations of baby supplies (including formula and diapers) for Haiti…if you can donate, please do!


The sweetest gift of all

There’s still time to snag a Sugar gift certificate for that person in your life that you KNOW will swoon and squeal with joy upon opening the envelope.

Available in any denomination (or any product! Gina Alexander, anyone?), and ready to go home.

Just shoot us an email, give us a call, or (because we’re totally hip and cool like that) Facebook us!

gift certificate front

You couldn’t ask for an easier gift…plus it might even yield a little Sugar for you in return ;)



Here’s a little secret…take care of my kids, and I will take care of you. Forever.

Leeanne was our babysitter back when Sam (now 7) was an infant. She sat for us through Ben’s birth (now 5), and we were very sad to see our “Eeeanne” graduate and move on.

Fast forward five years and she is a gorgeous newlywed with a darling husband, and a sweet dog to complete their family. LOVE!



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