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Lauren + Paul = ?

I’m on pins and needles, waiting for The Call that Lauren and Paul’s little one is on his (or her) way. Birth photography is one of my VERY favorite things to do…what could be better than documenting a new little life?

I especially love when the baby is a “surprise”…I get teary every time I’m able to hear that first declaration of “It’s a …”.

So now we wait, and wonder, and guess at what Baby will be and when Baby will decide it’s time to meet the world.

Meet the first two babies of the house…they are eager to meet their little brother or sister!


Sneak peek (of a sneak peek)

Since this little mama is at her weekly check-up RIGHT NOW, I thought she could use a little Sugar love. This is our newest Sugar Baby, due any day (and who’s birth I am honored to document). Stay tuned…


Campbell + Davis (+ little brother)

Campbell and Davis are a towheaded pair of brothers that I’ve loved getting to follow along during their annual Sugar session. This year we had the added bonus of their little brother, coming soon!

The Arboretum was absolutely gorgeous…and though we braved a Mommy and Me Monday and HORDES of people, we were lucky enough to snag a few of my favorite spots without too many bystanders (or little ones running through the background). Any time you’re at the Arboretum this is a feat, but at this time of year especially, that is called l-u-c-k-y.


Unplanned surprises bring the most joy…

Yesterday’s session was centered around the newest little one in this family of five…baby brother Michael will soon be here to join in the fun, and after last week’s family of four girls, I had a blast playing with these three soon-to-be big brothers.

See how beautiful mom is? Radiant…peaceful…she handles being the only girl in a pack of boys VERY well.

I wanted to make sure we had a few sweet images of the current baby of the family.  Baby #4 was a surprise, and little Andrew is going to do a great job of showing him the ropes.

This is one of my favorite images from this session…a tangled mess of limbs in the background, laughter and tickles, and a big eyed brother in the front.  I *heart* this.


Expecting Lowery…

This morning was the first session of our “Sweet Beginnings” package, a maternity/newborn combo. This means I get to play with the belly, then play with the baby a few weeks later. Works for me!

Mr. Brady is the proud soon-to-be big brother of Miss Lowery, and I think it’s safe to say that his parents? They’re pretty sure today was a complete disaster.  Poor Brady was having a rough day, and like I always say…It’s HARD being two!

I hope his parents believed me when I said that he was doing great. He really was…take a look at these stunning big blue eyes (and pouty lip):