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Rook, Libby, Chloe + Cy {Plano newborn photographer}

Newborn Rook is surrounded by a bevy of adoring fans, and it’s not hard to see why.  Not only is he the baby of the family, but he’s as mellow and chill as they come.  Fastest newborn session to date, ESPECIALLY for a newborn session with a toddler to boot. Which means that not ONLY do we give the 6 day old baby props, but BIG ones to sweet Libby for rocking it as well.

But first, sweet Rook. I try to give a bit of structure to newborn sessions with a general game plan (start with curling baby shots, then when they’re good and asleep, add in the family and go from there).  This one went in the opposite direction, partly because I really try to catch the toddler-4 year olds when THEY want to cooperate. Luckily, Libby was excited and involved every step of the way, and had her older siblings there to pull her out and entertain her when needed.

So, in OPPOSITE order of how we shot this (sort of)…Sleepy Rook (on a rockin’ grey bench that I am now in NEED of having):

I love grabbing little shots here and there as we get everyone situated and adjusted. Chloe and her dad cuddling Rook was one of those. Love.

One of the FIRST ones we grabbed (actually, the 2nd click of my shutter, just to give you an idea of how amazing Libby was)-the sisters! (and yay for gorgeous natural light!)

Another quick snap that I just love. Is there anything sweeter than this?

(see Cy’s face? There was a question about how long Rook’s bladder (or other end) would last. He made it ALL the way through our game of Baby Roulette, and baptized mama as she reached for the diaper at the end. Total rockstar (and a good natured mommy to boot!).



Arturo + Oliver {dallas childrens photographer}

I have such a soft spot for playful parents. Give me a mom or dad that will eschew worries about wrinkles or mud and toss a kid on his (or in this case, her) back and just have FUN with their kiddo? LOVE LOVE LOVE (and have to force myself to not use my entire card on just that moment). THESE are the moments that kids want to look back on…interacting with their parents, playing with their siblings, being a kid.

Our session with Arturo and Oliver was exactly that. Laid back parents (though to be honest, I think we are blessed to have such a steady stream of easy going peeps to work with), absolutely gorgeous, happy kids, and the only agenda was to have fun and be natural. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!

Someone *really* adores his big brother, can you tell? ;)


And probably my absolute favorite from this whole session…the one that made me giggle AS I pressed the shutter…I give you Mr Arturo (AKA The Ladys’ Man) HUBBA HUBBA:


Lyla + Gannon {Highland Park, Dallas Children’s Photographer}

Gannon and Lyla are another of our slew of annual regulars (I just *LOVE* this time of year! All of my favorite little peeps, another year older, a few more missing teeth, and lots more of their cool new tricks to show me!).

So in case you didn’t hear…SUGAR IS BOOKING HOLIDAY SESSIONS!!! (mini session deets coming soon! To get first dibs, make sure you’re a Sugar fan on Facebook!)


Public service announcement is now over…on to the eye candy ;)

AS I WAS SAYING…Gannon and Lyla are another of our slew of annual regulars, and this year their amazingly smart mommy is sending out ‘we moved’ cards along with their holiday cards. How’s THIS for a great front image:

Highland Park Homeboy…at your service (love this kid)

Dainty Lyla…this girl can pose with the best of them! She apparently practiced, a LOT, before I arrived. I love kids that are this confident in front of the camera…it’s rare, but such a treat:

And one just for laughs…we do the silly stuff first, then get the good stuff for Mom and Dad. But this one is just too cute not to share:


Katherine {dallas children’s photographer}

Katherine is one of our yearly regulars, and there is nothing more special for me than watching these kids grow, year after year. This year Katherine is SIX! And LOVES! BALLET! And HAS! A! NEW! DOG!

In other words, she’s pretty emphatic about a LOT(!) of things. I loved being able to just watch her do her thing, and really enjoyed sitting back and documenting her little world.

Oh, and she’s going to be a BIG! SISTER! Which, of course, means I have to ask what the baby’s name will be. And then? Then I just start clicking…

(ps-if baby is a girl, Katherine thinks she should be called ‘Sassy’. Why am I not surprised? ;)

(by the way, these aren’t posted out of order. She really did change her outfit a few times…my little stylist in the making!)

The cute little family of three-and-a-half:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. This dog is PRICELESS.

And this? Is a woman on a mission. She’s got big plans for that dog, and I have a sneaking suspicion it involves baby clothes and more time in the stroller.


Emerson Iris (+ hailey + ellie + addie + harper) – Dallas Newborn Photographer

Sweet Emerson Iris entered the world a week before amid claps and cheers (and a few brother-hopeful tears on a sister that will remain nameless). At her newborn session (our 3rd with this family…LOVE THEM) we had a ball throwing this tiny little thing in amongst her eager sisters in hopes of that ONE magical group shot.

Guess what, we got more than one ;)

But here’s my favorite…even Emerson can’t help but smile at her good fortune:

Her eyelashes are what I noticed in the delivery room…how does a brand new baby have eyelashes this fabulous?

And I just have to give out a quick shout-out to the people that help keep us mommies of multiple children sane over the summer…the nannies! You know how you keep these special saints happy? Celebrate the love they have for your kids (and vice versa), and make sure they know they are FAMILY. Because this? Is TRUE LIFE WITH FIVE KIDS: