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Daniel, Charlie, Michael…a session deconstructed

Aren’t these boys sweet? So angelic, so loving, so effortless.


This is where I admit to you their mom wished she had a glass of wine about two clicks into their session.

That I bribed each of them with a dollar if they would just. look. at. me.

(and then they did)


Of course, it’s important to have breaks for silly…


And we would *almost* have it…(please stop hiding your brother’s head)


2 out of 3 isn’t bad…except for the part where I died inside because LOOK AT HOW SWEET YOUR BROTHERS ARE BEING


But then we snagged the image at the top, and this one, and a slew of others that I have high hopes for in the ‘make mom cry’ category.


Sigh. I love my job.


Emma + Avery v.2012

Because I never fail to feel humbled (and guilty) every time I hear “When will you update your blog? I still check it all the time…”, and because Emma and Avery have THE cutest mom (who asked when I will update the blog because she checks it all the time), I bring you Emma and Avery, version 2013…not to be confused with v.2008, v.2010, and v.2011.

You’ll want to click on those links, just trust me. It’s pretty fabulous watching kiddos grow and change in front of my lens.

This year MAY just be my favorite (minus chubby baby Emma from 2008, when Avery jumped off his bed with his arm in a cast (which was, interestingly enough, ALSO the session where we experienced our first mid-session-pet-death. RIP, hermit crab.). We go big or go home here at Sugar.

This year it was just the kids, an afternoon glowing with gorgeous light, and a nice walk through my neighborhood. Yes, we found this house and jumped on it because it is so great for sessions.

Priorities, and stuff. But seriously…I pinch myself daily that this is RIGHT. HERE.

And these two? When did chubby baby Emma become this:

Oh, Avery…

So, Emma and Avery’s mom…this post is for you. ENJOY! (and keep checking!)


Ava v.2013

There have been so many sessions over the past year and a half where I thought “This one. THIS is the one I’m going to blog and break my hiatus.”. You can guess how well that went.

I’m knee-deep in holiday sessions and work for the design company I signed with last month, but something about sending this session’s sneak peeks through email just didn’t seem right. Yes, I still do sneak peeks for my families, but they have become more intimate…emailed instead of posted publicly, the only response that of the family itself. And, it worked. I could play with a few images before settling down in my chair to edit the entire thing, and it let the families know that yes, we did get *something*.

Trying to find just a few to share with this family conjured the desire to blog instead of email, to share more than one or two…to open the door once again.

This is Ava. She is in Kindergarten, is missing a few teeth (as you can see), and I had the great pleasure of working with her darling family again this year. Small side note: Her mom works at the same company as my husband, and apparently he noticed images on her office walls and recognized them as mine. He’s got a good eye ;)

So Ava and her family were able to work themselves into my crazy fall schedule, and we had THE most perfect weather/light/everything.

They are gorgeous, the day was beautiful, and I was just lucky enough to point my camera in the right direction.

So here’s to blog post #1 in a year and a half…be kind and I’ll keep it up ;)


Sophie + Jack {mckinney family photographer}

So very bittersweet are these last babyplan sessions.  We’ve watched Sophie grow from newborn to crawling, and now she’s definitely on the move!

Our session began with a series of texts days before, discussing the outfit, location, watching the weather and just the general chattiness that comes after hanging out together for a year (times two! Jack was a Sugar Baby too). The day OF the session we fired up those texts and angsted over the weather. Wind advisories are not my friend, and the skies weren’t sure if they were going to pour or stay sunny.  But we decided to go for it, and I am so glad we did! The wind gave us just the break we needed for exactly as long as we needed it, the sun shone, and it was fabulous.

Of course, sessions with 1 year olds are always unpredictable, which is why I try to work as fast as I can.  Sophie hit the ground running (and smiling), and we had a rockin’ first 30 minutes:

But then, something inexplicably changed (I think her dad pinched her..shhhh!), and this happened:

After a pound of goldfish she perked back up and we were able to switch her outfit to this:

(but then we lost her again and called it a day).

Props go to the best big brother EVER (seriously-he was amazing and so patient and understanding as we wrestled with the wild beast).


Henry, Katie + Annie {dallas family photographer}

Way back in 2007 I blogged about how much I love third babies, and I laugh now because my third arrived just over a year after that post. I laugh, also, because my philosophy on the magic of three hasn’t changed a bit.

Third kids are vivacious, determined, raucous and rambunctious.  They HAVE to be in order to be heard over the older kids (and don’t get me started on the fun that comes with 4, 5, 6 or even 7 (NO-NOT A PREDICTION THIS TIME).

Sweet Annie was a big-eyed newborn the last time I saw her, and she fits the bill of the typical third child to an absolute ‘T’.  In fact-I Instagram’d this image as soon as I saw it (mostly because it made me literally laugh out loud, and also because it was such a great way to wrap up this amazing year of sessions. With a face like this, what’s not to love?

But on a second pass, these next two were equally as eye-catching.

And then you see this sweetness.  She completes this little sibling group so well. And can produce an image that any parent of three would love to hang on their wall:

I want her exuberance for life. Can I have that? Please?

*happy sigh*…LOVE.


What a great way to wrap up an incredible year!  Hark, I hear angels singing…WE MADE IT!  I have one more session to blog (from a cookie-making, multi-generational session today (so stinkin’ cute. trust me)), and a whole lot of Santa to make happen this weekend.  We’re hitting the ground running in 2012 with newborns galore, our new website debut, spring minis to plan, a partnership with a nationwide children’s line to unveil, and just a TON of fun things to play around with.

Give me a week or two to collapse after this crazy season though…and we’ll be back at it VERY soon!

MWAH and XO,