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Beck and Ella…

Beck and Ella had their six month session over the weekend, and pardon me while I take a minute, lean over, and bite on my computer monitor. (in the words of one of my favorite mommy bloggers) BABY CHUB, MUST NOM NOM.

Seriously…chubby legs, blue eyes, drooly smiles, chubby bellies, two of them, with chub, and bald heads, on top of chub.

Can’t. Help. My. Self.

To escape my annoying baby-love talk, just scroll down and feast your eyes on these two. NOM.

(and look! big sibilings! they have OTHER kids in their family! We should probably photograph them too…except LOOK AT THE CHUBBY BABIES!!!)


Beck + Ella

A little souvenier (or two) that I picked up in Mexico for the babies…it’s such fun to see these finally being worn.

Ella is what her Mommy and Daddy like to call “High Maintenance”. And with that-I am EXHAUSTED! Twins are most definitely twice the work. Once we got them to sleep, they were as cooperative as they could be. It was the nursing to sleep and KEEPING them asleep that was the challenge.

I am just so happy for Debbie and Brandon. She even mentioned coming back to work soon…and it took all I had to not fall at her feet and thank her profusely. I think she can tell that I miss her. :)