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Elizabeth + Katie {plano children’s photographer}

This post is a little more photo-heavy than usual, but it’s for a very good reason. This family was INCREDIBLY generous when donating to Heroes for Children’s 5K in September, and it wasn’t hard to predict that with as many entries as they had in the Sugar raffle, that they would walk away winners.

And, they did!

Elizabeth and Katie met me in Deep Ellum yesterday afternoon for their winning session, and we had SO much fun. These girls are just hysterical…so easy to get to laugh and have fun, so natural and at ease in front of the camera. It was a GREAT way to spend an afternoon, listening to their giggles and watching their antics. They are truly a joy!

I love the Dallas skyline in Elizabeth’s sunglasses (the sunset was gorgeous, as you can see).

Can you believe this was smack in the middle of Deep Ellum? I never get tired of finding new little pockets of greatness to use for our shoots.


Emma Janae {ACPCG}

After Ella Dawn’s session a few months ago I was contacted by another sweet ‘heart baby’ family that would soon be heading to Children’s Cardiac ICU. Emma Janae endured heart surgery just 19 hours after birth, and several more in the 21 days since she was born. I was lucky enough to be in the room when her darling Mommy was handed her baby girl for the very first time.

There’s nothing like a little anticipation to make you realize just how agonizing those 21 days must have been.

Daddy was right there, watching the monitors, loving his two girls, and I know he was just aching to hold her. She did so well after I left that I hear he was able to love on her a bit himself, and that makes me just so happy for all three of them.

Of course, any stylish baby girl (especially here in Dallas) MUST have a rockin’ bow collection. Sweet Emma may have the the best bows I’ve ever seen, in or OUT of the CICU.

Pure joy:

Feel free to give this sweet family a little lovin’ on their BLOG. They are living at the Ronald Macdonald house near the hospital as they traveled from out of state to be here. I know they could use every prayer, strength, and uplifting message that they can get.


Last chance!

Raffle ends at 8am tomorrow (Saturday)-every $10 donation to Heroes for Children enters you to win a Sugar session. Click HERE for deets.



Feeling lucky?

Every year my family walks (or in last year’s case, RUNS (and tries not to pass out or throw up)) to help raise money for my very favorite children’s charity. If you don’t know about Heroes for Children, please, take a minute and read about the amazing work they do helping families with children battling cancer on a daily basis.

I try to give what I can, and have posted here asking Sugar fans to donate a time or two as well.

This year, inspiration struck.

This year, I want to give more than I am able…but what I CAN give is a session.

So here are the deets on the first ever (and likely, ANNUAL) Sugar Raffle:

For every $10 donated, you are entered to win a Sugar session and $500 print credit (Total value-$750). Enter as many times as you want between now and 8am Saturday (when the 5K kicks off), and for every $10 your name goes into the hat. Donations can me made directly through the HFC donation page. will email you a receipt, and you’ll forward that to me so I know a) that you entered, and b) how many times to put your name in the hat. (to make it easy, make sure your donation is made in $10 increments…no fair confusing me with $15 ;) )

And when I say ‘put your name in the hat’, I literally mean that I will write your name on a slip of paper, toss it into a hat, and one of my kids will draw your name (I know, I’m high tech like that).

We’ll draw the name and post the winner Saturday around noon, after we are home from the walk and have made sure that alllll the entries are in.

The session will be for up to 4 people, at the location of your choice (within a 20 mile radius of DFW is all I ask, unless you toss in a plane ticket and then I am ALL YOURS), and can take place WHENEVER (though we typically stop shooting mid-november and give the camera a chance to stop smoking after all those holiday sessions).

Oh! And if you’re wanting some great holiday cards, this is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY!

So you give what you can, and I’ll give you my Sugariest session in return, and HFC will meet their goal of raising $50,000 on Saturday. And if you’re looking for something fun to do on Saturday with your kids, come out! My kids cheered last night when I reminded them that The Walk is this saturday. They loooove ‘Hewoes for Childwen’ events, and I guarantee your family will, too.


HUGE HUGE THANKS! Donations are rolling in, and are WAY above that $10 mark. You guys make me smile, THANK YOU!

Sasha was our first to donate, and also asked her corporation match it, which doubled her chances. Thought I’d pass that little hint along ;)


Ella Dawn {ACPCG}

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ella’s aunt Rachael, who told me about her soon-to-be niece. Ella was diagnosed with two rare congenital heart defects at 21 weeks gestation, and her family was traveling to Dallas for her delivery and surgery in hopes of giving her the very best medical care available. I was asked to photograph Ella as part of volunteering with the American Child Photographer’s Charity Guild.

Two days ago Ella entered the world, and was immediately whisked into surgery. The first of her two congenital heart defects was repaired during this surgery, and the second round of surgeries will begin in the next two to five days.

Today was the day that her Mommy was finally allowed to hold her daughter, and I am honored and blessed to have been able to witness and document it. I think the photos from today say more than I could ever attempt to express, so I just ask that you visit Ella’s blog and send up a prayer for her entire family.