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{note: I’m a big dork. Can’t bring myself to include {} or {LA Children’s Photographer} in the title. I KNOW! I just can’t…I don’t do my own PR very well ;) }


This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to fly to LA and shoot a couple of REALLY cute kids. LA minis were a hoot, and we topped off the day by documenting Miss Josselyn’s 3rd birthday party. Her mom is on TV, and I am SO BAD because hi, I don’t watch a lot of tv. So I spent a lot of that day walking around thinking to myself “Well THAT person looks familiar…I think?”. If I squinted, it wasn’t at all different from a Dallas birthday party. Awesome parents, adorable kids, yummy cake, pretty decorations. Except this one had live entertainment, and a few faces even *I* recognized, and the whole thing ended up on

But you know, besides THAT, it was just like any other birthday party ;)

Here are a few that didn’t make (but that I LOOOOVE).