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Welcome Emerson (dallas birth photographer)

I made it back from a 2 week trip to visit our daughter’s birth family just in time to document the arrival of baby #5 for one of my very favorite families.

We tried to remember how long these kiddos have been chased by me and my lens over the years, and the best estimate we can come up with 4.5 or 5 years. Their oldest was 3.5 when we first started, and I’ve had the great pleasure of photographing this brood as they grew from 2 daughters to 3, to 4, and today…to 5.

Baby 5 was a surprise (as her sisters were before her), and it was just over a year ago that we welcomed Harper and announced to the family that it was another towheaded girl to add to the rest.

And today, Emerson joined her sisters Hailey, Ellie, Addie and Harper as the perfect little addition. And there were four VERY excited big sisters that were eager to hear the news

Dad wanted to make sure that everyone out there in blog-land knows that he appreciates everyone’s prayers as he navigates life in a house FILLED with women. He also accepts donations (See Jamie? I said I had your back ;) ).

But don’t let him fool you…no one was more smitten than this man:

The sisters were eager to meet Emerson, and squabbles over who was going to hold her next were quieted with the promise that this little one? Would be coming HOME with them. I’m not sure she’s going to have much of a chance to just lay around with these girls watching over her:

And hey…guys out there? When you give your wife a present like THIS to celebrate the fact that she’s spent 4 of the 11 years you’ve been married pregnant? Yeah…you’re a complete and total rock star (just like your gorgeous wife).

Welcome, little Emerson. I can’t wait to watch you grow <3


Landon – dallas birth photographer

I recently posted about Lauren and Paul and their sweet new baby who’s arrival was going to be ANY DAY.

That day has come, and Landon decided he was ready (well, high blood pressure decided he was ready). The induction was scheduled, and after a few hours I couldn’t stand it anymore and headed up to the hospital.

Lauren and Paul were laboring right along when I got there.

I was struck by these photos of their first babies…used as a focal point and working well until Lauren realized that Paul was a much better comfort to her than the photos.

Watching this couple (who I know have waited and struggled and prayed for this baby) work to bring a new life into the world was wonderful to see. They are a true team.

Landon arrived, bright-eyed and calm…and this little family was at once whole and perfect.

Big love to Lauren’s doula, Anna Marie Nelson, who was there to calm and center, then coach and cheer.

The last shot of the night was of Lauren conferencing both her mom and dad to tell them the news of their new grandchild…a healthy, perfect, wonderful little boy.

Welcome to the world, Baby Landon.



A rare thing has happened…I am struggling to find the exact. right. way. to describe today.

I think it’s impossible.

A family welcomed a new little life into the world. That, in itself, is always a miracle.

But this family? Well, I think it’s safe to say that people all over the world held their breath today, waiting for news of this little girl’s safe arrival.

She is the third of three girls, and big sister Maggie was at the hospital to welcome her much-wanted, much-anticipated, much-adored-in-the-belly Baby Katie.

What was to be an induction this morning turned into a c-section as Katie showed everyone that she may be the last, but she’ll make her grand debut on HER terms. A surprise breech meant a last minute change of plan, and though it wasn’t expected, spirits were high as we waited to hear that first, clear, unmistakable newborn cry.

Dad’s scrubs are now marked with the footprints of each of his baby girls:

Once in recovery Baby Katie was admired and snuggled before being introduced to family and friends through the nursery window (most importantly, to big sister Maggie)

Maggie and Daddy headed back to see Katie and Mommy in person

After everyone was safely ensconced in their home away from home (at least for the next few days), the rest of the crew was invited back. Katie was passed around, baby huffing occurred (I am certainly not immune to the allure of a brand new baby, just hours old), and Maggie decided she was ready to hold her new baby sister.

…and then, she fell in love.

Congratulations, my friends. There are just not enough words to describe how full my heart is for you today.

Welcome to this world, Baby Katie. You have found the perfect family.


Pink or Blue?

I was lucky enough to help welcome a new little life into this world today…the newest baby in a family with three girls.  The big question of the day: What would it be?

Votes were cast by the bazillion family members in the waiting room, and I had a mental bet placed (I said girl).

At 3:54 pm Harper Amelia came into the world with the sweetest, softest cry I have ever heard. Another girl!

She weighs a dainty 7 pounds 1 ounce, and looks *just* like her three sisters.

The three big sisters were fetched from the waiting room and allowed to be the first to see their new baby, find out what SHE was, and hear her name.

I think they were a *mite* excited:

When the time came to hold her, tears and pleads of “Me first! “I wanna hold her!” came fast and hard from this little trio of big sisters.  Daddy was fair and let them each have a turn, going from youngest to oldest.

No longer the middle child, sweet Ellie had a hard time sharing (but an easy time loving on) her new baby sister.

This just says it all:

Congratulations everyone!  Harper is a love, and I can’t wait to see her grow and change.

Welcome to the wold Harper Amelia!


Welcome baby Jacie!

Sweet Jacie joined the world yesterday morning, and in doing so enchanted both her Daddy AND her big brother Jarret with very little effort.  She was kind enough to wait until I returned from Florida, and even then wasn’t quite ready.  Her induction was the fastest yet, and I walked into (and then back out of) the hospital in under two hours.

I love births more than anything…the anticipation, the agony, that moment of glory.  Love it.

Here is Grandma…witnessing the arrival of her third grandbaby and first grandDAUGHTER. Powerful stuff.

And oh…that moment of introducing bigger siblings to their new baby. Priceless.

Big thanks to Jacie’s very special family for asking me to be there, trusty camera in hand.   Love you guys!