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Sophie + Jack {mckinney family photographer}

So very bittersweet are these last babyplan sessions.  We’ve watched Sophie grow from newborn to crawling, and now she’s definitely on the move!

Our session began with a series of texts days before, discussing the outfit, location, watching the weather and just the general chattiness that comes after hanging out together for a year (times two! Jack was a Sugar Baby too). The day OF the session we fired up those texts and angsted over the weather. Wind advisories are not my friend, and the skies weren’t sure if they were going to pour or stay sunny.  But we decided to go for it, and I am so glad we did! The wind gave us just the break we needed for exactly as long as we needed it, the sun shone, and it was fabulous.

Of course, sessions with 1 year olds are always unpredictable, which is why I try to work as fast as I can.  Sophie hit the ground running (and smiling), and we had a rockin’ first 30 minutes:

But then, something inexplicably changed (I think her dad pinched her..shhhh!), and this happened:

After a pound of goldfish she perked back up and we were able to switch her outfit to this:

(but then we lost her again and called it a day).

Props go to the best big brother EVER (seriously-he was amazing and so patient and understanding as we wrestled with the wild beast).


Quinn + Reese {dallas children’s photographer}

Remember this session? Baby Quinn is all grown up (well, grown out of our Baby Plan, at least), and I am so sad that I won’t get to play with these girls, swoon over their clothes, or laugh at Reese’s antics every 6 months anymore.  But, we ended her first year with a bang (and a bunch of leaves in our hair), and I couldn’t have asked for better than these images. Just look (and go ahead, swoon over their clothes. I sure did!):


Bridget + Katherine {dallas childrens photographer}

Miss Bridget (of the famed) ‘Baby’ image had her 6 month session last week and it. was. divine.

First, and I think I’ve said this before, this family has been a favorite and REGULAR Sugar family for years. Katherine was 6 months old at her first session, and this time I got to hear all about Kindergarten. Yes, I had to pause for a moment and collect my emotions.  How lucky am I that beyond watching my own children grown, I get to watch other children grow, gain siblings, and morph from tiny babies to confident children? So very. There just aren’t words.

So Bridget is now at that fabulous 6 month stage. The big eyes, fascination, and easy going personality that I LOOOOVE.  Plus, she has an awesome big sister that has been there, done that, times a lot when it comes to Sugar.



I don’t know how many photographers would publicly mention a shot that they missed, but this next one KILLS ME. Why oh why did I not focus on her toes? LOVE IT.  (but maybe I love it because it’s not the usual ‘focus on the feet’ pic? Dunno. Regardless, it made the cut. And I love it so much. She is SO dainty.

This one actually made it onto my Instagram account, titled, simply “Nom”. And she IS delicious.

Miss Bridget wound down, naptime was eminent, and Katherine and I had a chance to finish the scavenger hunt she made for me (yes, I said that correctly…I arrived to the news that a certain Kindergartner had created a scavenger hunt for me…and yes, I fell in love all over again).

But first, I managed to snap this as she twirled in front of the hallway mirror on our way out the door:

Which then led to us heading outside, with the World’s Most Patient Dog (remember this?):

And at the end of my scavenger hunt…I won a prize. For being so fun. And it’s now occupying a place of honor on my desk, because this red jewel? Means a lot. And yes, I got a little sniffly.

I tweet a lot. And my work-related hashtag that epitomizes this session is #lovemyjob. Because I do. SO MUCH.



Quinn + Reese {dallas children’s photographer}

Miss Quinn had her second Baby Plan session today, and it *only* took us three tries to actually make it happen ;) In Round One we were waylaid by a tummy bug in Quinn herself. Round Two found us faced with some sort of pioneer extravaganza at our shoot location, complete with open bonfires, hoop skirts, and a farmer’s market. Round Three took place an hour and a half away, at their lake house.

BINGO. Perfection.

Well worth the wait, don’t you think?


Emily + Andrew + Katy {dallas newborn photographer}

It’s like she KNEW what I was there for…(one of the other two tipped her off, I think).

At 2 weeks old, this sweet baby girl put up with me through much primping and swaddling, and I even stole a few snuggles of my own. From her head *full* of hair to her wee baby toes, she stole the show and held her own (as 3rd babies learn early on is a necessity, not just a right).

Plus, her nursery was to-die-for gorgeous. It doesn’t get much more fun than this:

This last image from her session is, if nothing else, a reminder of just how privileged I am to know and bond with these children (and their parents) over the years that Sugar has been in existence.

I first met Katy when she was not quite 2. Her speech was tricky to understand, her tutu was darling, and her curls stole the show. Her little brother was still in mommy’s tummy, and this image is, to date, still one of my very favorites of all time (and one that still hangs in the showroom). I photographed Andrew through his baby plan, and we morphed into annual mini sessions once the kids were old enough.

To have watched them grow, and add, and add once more, and to be invited to share and document along the way…THIS is the joy that encompasses photographing children. THEY are why I freely admit that I have the very best job in the whole wide world.

Welcome, Miss Emily. We’re going to have some fun together, just ask Katy and Andrew. XO.