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Landon {dallas family photographer}

I was there when he was born (heck, I was there BEFORE he was born), and I’ve watched him grow and change through his first year of life.  Sweet Landon has become a favorite of mine, and I’m not sure if it’s his great big eyes, ready smile, or his cute parents that make me feel like family every time I’m around them.  Regardless of the reasons or the number of times I walk away from a session with Landon with the BIGGEST smile on my face, a part of me is sad that he’s an official graduate of our baby plan (*sniff, sniff*).

Which means a) his parents need to go ahead and go for #2 (ignoring the advice I gave last week about how much easier it is with MORE THAN two years between kiddos), or b) be our first inductee into the toddler plan (details of which I will totally hash out…).

Because, seriously…look at this family. How can you not want to see them every few months (and then some)?


Elizabeth, Zachary + Travis {highland park family photographer}

Another benefit of this time of year? Families that come back after a year or two away from Sugar.  The last time I saw Elizabeth and Zachary was when he was a little over a year old.  They brought their baby brother to play this time (and I almost fell over when Travis appeared in his Dad’s arms. NO IDEA. But you may already know that third babies are my favorite creatures, and Travis was no exception to the rule. LOVE HIM.)

I just love this last one. We did the iconic ‘family walking’ image…but not until after Elizabeth art directed this one. And it’s just so THEM, so of course it’s blog-worthy!



Sawyer {dallas family photographer}

He may only be eight weeks old, but sweet Sawyer handled his session like an old pro.  And his parents? Yeah, gorgeous.  Easy on the eyes, and as fun to work with as they come.  Plus, they *adore* that baby boy of theirs, and that means I had the easiest shoot I could ask for. Just let them love on each and click the shutter…not too shabby!


We were able to catch the LAST bit of setting sun for these, and the results are just swoon-worthy.


Aidan, Nolan + Caleb {highland park children’s photographer}

We’ve had some amazing new clients this year as a result of the big D Magazine win, and I am having a ball with all these fresh new faces!

The families that have older children have obviously (hopefully!) had photographers in the past…and in the case of Aidan and Nolan, we needed to make sure Caleb had photographs to match his older brothers’ ‘baby on black’.  So I dug out my backdrop (kidding-I actually purchased a new one because it’s been a) THAT long since I’ve used it, and b) I moved a few months ago and still can’t find my winter coats. The trusty old backdrop is now in the bowels of my attic, garage, or storage unit (or probably hanging out with my winter coats)).

So we plunked this adorable ball of happiness on the backdrop and clicked away, then plunked him right in the laps of his brothers and snagged some fun sibling images as bonus.

Also, these boys have the cutest parents EVER. I could have sat and chatted with them for hours. I *love* meeting new people (I’m sort of a chatterbox…shocker, I’m sure ;) )

We have a TON of new blog entries to upload! I am so very, very behind in blogging (which is sort of good, because that means I’m rocking the editing of whole sessions and we are making a bunch of Sugar families very happy this weekend!).

We are also still booking holiday sessions! Typically we stop around this time of year with any sessions that need to be back in time for holiday gifts or cards…but this year we are saying yes and squeezing everyone in that we can! (which MAY be why I’m so behind ;) )  Let us know if we can save you a spot!!!


Sterling {dallas newborn photographer}

Four-week-old Sterling can be described as a wise old soul, a night owl, and a flirt with the ladies. He’s also the answer to a lot of prayers, and an absolute joy to photograph.

I loved meeting him at his placement last month, and today got to see the adoration that comes along with these brand, spankin’ new parents firsthand.

I probably could have stayed all day. Or taken him home. He was as mellow as they come (though I hear it’s really just an act for company ;) ).

Adoptions make me mushy (for good reason), so I’ll stop gushing about his eyelashes, his toes, his parents and his obvious winning personality, and just send you guys to enjoy the sneaks from our session this morning: