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Best of Big D 2012 is here!

Remember last year?  Honestly, I’m still looking around for the person D Magazine’s editors AND the general public picked to be Best Family Photographer in 2011. Because SURELY they meant to give it to someone standing behind me (Yeah, I did that a lot in high school too…Oh, you meant ME?).

I was just as surprised this year to hear that we were nominated again, and just as honored, grateful, flustered and overwhelmed.  Plus, talk about being in good company! Wowza.

Thankfully (seriously-THANK YOU PEOPLES IN CHARGE OF D MAGAZINE) voting is NOT hourly this time around.  You can vote daily, from any device (including smartphones, ipads, laptops, etc).

And while you’re there, poke around and see if you have any other finalist favorites to give a big thumbs up to.

Voting started TODAY (and yes, it’s almost 9pm and I’m just now blogging it…because me? You mean you picked ME?), and ends in two weeks.

And though the downhill slide to our wedding date in June and upcoming move in July and Spark and Hustle speaking date were MORE than enough to fill my calendar with crazy-happy things, this nomination for the second year in a row is definitely the icing on the cake.



Gold Medal (times TWO!)…

Remember this little gem from last year?

Well, Saturday night it won two gold medals at the annual Parenting Publications awards ceremony for magazines with a circulation of 55,000 or more (as in, the largest cities in the US) .

Interior Photography (Original)
Gold: Dallas Child, “A Portrait of A Modern Birth, February 2007,” Jennifer Weintraub, photography;
This tremendous piece of documentary photography puts readers in the birthing room. The immediacy and emotion of the images come through, and it is clear that the photographer gained the subjects’ confidence. The images and the text hold together as a tight package. This is a wonderfully strong story.

Feature Layout (Black & White)
Gold: Dallas Child, “A Portrait of a Modern Birth,” Jennifer Weintraub, Photographer;
Elegant photography and typography enhance the beauty of the topic of childbirth. The designer uses plenty of storytelling devices to guide the readers through the package and to invite them into the stories of these two families.

Click HERE for the pdf version

Big, huge, I-owe-you-one thanks go out to fellow photographer and awards ceremony attendee Waynette for calling and texting the night of the ceremony to let me know the piece was not only submitted, but WON GOLD. TWICE!!! I would still be completely unaware that anything had happened if she not recognized my name. XOXO Waynette!!!