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Adoption Sunday

Three years ago our Adoption Sunday sessions were born while I waited for the arrival and placement of my youngest.  She arrived, and while baby and toddler juggling made way to navigating life as a single parent, it has waited patiently for resurrection.

We have photographed families from every type of adoption, from domestic to international, open, closed and semi-open, same sex families, single parents and foster-to-adopt along with special needs.  We’ve tried to cover every country, and our sessions have taken place on the West Coast, here in Dallas, and in two weeks we’ll be in Boston. It’s been a huge project, and we’re excited to be nearing completion.

But first, we need a little help.

We need families that have adopted from the countries listed below. If you know of anyone that fits, PLEASE forward this blog post and spread the word!


We’ll be shooting in Boston July 22-24 to give those living on the East Coast a chance to participate.  Of course, Dallas sessions for these families can occur anytime, so don’t be shy!

If you’d like to participate, please drop us an email at

These sessions are at no cost to these adoptive families.  Through these, we hope to celebrate the beauty of every type of adoption and the love that creates a family.


Sterling {dallas newborn photographer}

Four-week-old Sterling can be described as a wise old soul, a night owl, and a flirt with the ladies. He’s also the answer to a lot of prayers, and an absolute joy to photograph.

I loved meeting him at his placement last month, and today got to see the adoration that comes along with these brand, spankin’ new parents firsthand.

I probably could have stayed all day. Or taken him home. He was as mellow as they come (though I hear it’s really just an act for company ;) ).

Adoptions make me mushy (for good reason), so I’ll stop gushing about his eyelashes, his toes, his parents and his obvious winning personality, and just send you guys to enjoy the sneaks from our session this morning:



Sterling {fort worth adoption photographer}

I have witnessed the forming of families multiple times, and have loved documenting every single one. Through biology or adoption, when a couple becomes parents for the very first time, it is a profound, magical moment, and I am always honored to document it.

Baby Sterling is one of those lucky little ones that is absolutely surrounded by love. His first mommy loved him so much that she found the perfect people to be his forever mommy and daddy, and I was lucky enough to be there for their Placement. In a small hospital chapel, this baby boy was passed from mother to mother, father to grandmother. He was wrapped in a blanket knitted by his birth mother, blessed by a chaplain, and surrounded by members of both his families as he was officially welcomed into the arms of the couple that had hoped and waited and prayed for him.

To say that it was beautiful is an understatement. It was an emotional, beautiful, heart wrenching and uplifting moment to witness.

How’s this for a proud new daddy?

Welcome to the world, baby Sterling. It’s a wonderful place to be.



Sweet Sabian brought his parents to the Arboretum today for his one year session, and despite the threatening weather (and the fact that this was our THIRD attempt…darn you Texas spring!), we had a fabulous session.

Look at this sweet little man…I just wanted to nibble on his head. He is SO wee and cute!

Sabian came home from Vietnam in January, and OH! He is so loved.

This little looks cracks me up…he was two seconds away from depetaling one of those flowers (and then, he did). Such a boy!

Crazy hair! Love!


Annie + Lucy…

Kelly asked about a session months ago, right after arriving home with her youngest daughter, and today was finally the day…the weather cooperated, the girls were darling, and just take a look at the clothes she put together. Yummy!

We had a ball today, and from the gorgeous clothes to the drums to the antique truck, this session had a definite cool factor working for it from the word go.

For those that don’t know Kelly and Justin, they are the parents to Lucy and Annie. Kelly keeps a very active blog with LOTS of followers (no pressure!)…and as a photographer that just hung her shingle up for business, it’s an honor to be asked to photograph her sweet family.

Kelly-I hope you love!

Justin is a drummer for a touring band, and I can’t tell you WHO he tours with, but I will say that they’ve been to the Grammy’s.  And in case they were wondering, I am *always* available to play personal photographer at their next Grammy appearance ;) (I’m a giver like that)