Daniel, Charlie, Michael…a session deconstructed

Aren’t these boys sweet? So angelic, so loving, so effortless.


This is where I admit to you their mom wished she had a glass of wine about two clicks into their session.

That I bribed each of them with a dollar if they would just. look. at. me.

(and then they did)


Of course, it’s important to have breaks for silly…


And we would *almost* have it…(please stop hiding your brother’s head)


2 out of 3 isn’t bad…except for the part where I died inside because LOOK AT HOW SWEET YOUR BROTHERS ARE BEING


But then we snagged the image at the top, and this one, and a slew of others that I have high hopes for in the ‘make mom cry’ category.


Sigh. I love my job.


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