Emma + Avery v.2012

Because I never fail to feel humbled (and guilty) every time I hear “When will you update your blog? I still check it all the time…”, and because Emma and Avery have THE cutest mom (who asked when I will update the blog because she checks it all the time), I bring you Emma and Avery, version 2013…not to be confused with v.2008, v.2010, and v.2011.

You’ll want to click on those links, just trust me. It’s pretty fabulous watching kiddos grow and change in front of my lens.

This year MAY just be my favorite (minus chubby baby Emma from 2008, when Avery jumped off his bed with his arm in a cast (which was, interestingly enough, ALSO the session where we experienced our first mid-session-pet-death. RIP, hermit crab.). We go big or go home here at Sugar.

This year it was just the kids, an afternoon glowing with gorgeous light, and a nice walk through my neighborhood. Yes, we found this house and jumped on it because it is so great for sessions.

Priorities, and stuff. But seriously…I pinch myself daily that this is RIGHT. HERE.

And these two? When did chubby baby Emma become this:

Oh, Avery…

So, Emma and Avery’s mom…this post is for you. ENJOY! (and keep checking!)


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