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Sophie + Jack {mckinney family photographer}

So very bittersweet are these last babyplan sessions.  We’ve watched Sophie grow from newborn to crawling, and now she’s definitely on the move!

Our session began with a series of texts days before, discussing the outfit, location, watching the weather and just the general chattiness that comes after hanging out together for a year (times two! Jack was a Sugar Baby too). The day OF the session we fired up those texts and angsted over the weather. Wind advisories are not my friend, and the skies weren’t sure if they were going to pour or stay sunny.  But we decided to go for it, and I am so glad we did! The wind gave us just the break we needed for exactly as long as we needed it, the sun shone, and it was fabulous.

Of course, sessions with 1 year olds are always unpredictable, which is why I try to work as fast as I can.  Sophie hit the ground running (and smiling), and we had a rockin’ first 30 minutes:

But then, something inexplicably changed (I think her dad pinched her..shhhh!), and this happened:

After a pound of goldfish she perked back up and we were able to switch her outfit to this:

(but then we lost her again and called it a day).

Props go to the best big brother EVER (seriously-he was amazing and so patient and understanding as we wrestled with the wild beast).