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Henry, Katie + Annie {dallas family photographer}

Way back in 2007 I blogged about how much I love third babies, and I laugh now because my third arrived just over a year after that post. I laugh, also, because my philosophy on the magic of three hasn’t changed a bit.

Third kids are vivacious, determined, raucous and rambunctious.  They HAVE to be in order to be heard over the older kids (and don’t get me started on the fun that comes with 4, 5, 6 or even 7 (NO-NOT A PREDICTION THIS TIME).

Sweet Annie was a big-eyed newborn the last time I saw her, and she fits the bill of the typical third child to an absolute ‘T’.  In fact-I Instagram’d this image as soon as I saw it (mostly because it made me literally laugh out loud, and also because it was such a great way to wrap up this amazing year of sessions. With a face like this, what’s not to love?

But on a second pass, these next two were equally as eye-catching.

And then you see this sweetness.  She completes this little sibling group so well. And can produce an image that any parent of three would love to hang on their wall:

I want her exuberance for life. Can I have that? Please?

*happy sigh*…LOVE.


What a great way to wrap up an incredible year!  Hark, I hear angels singing…WE MADE IT!  I have one more session to blog (from a cookie-making, multi-generational session today (so stinkin’ cute. trust me)), and a whole lot of Santa to make happen this weekend.  We’re hitting the ground running in 2012 with newborns galore, our new website debut, spring minis to plan, a partnership with a nationwide children’s line to unveil, and just a TON of fun things to play around with.

Give me a week or two to collapse after this crazy season though…and we’ll be back at it VERY soon!

MWAH and XO,



Cory, Courtney + Cedric {dallas family photographer)

Every year Sugar donates a session and prints to a school that is near, dear, and so very revered by us…the one my children have attended for six years!  It is a community that we are proud to be a part of, and giving back is a personal highlight. Plus, every few years a new family snags the much sought after package, and I get to know one of our families and their kids up close and personal.

This year’s big winner yielded not just one kiddo I know, but two. Twins Cory and Courtney have been in one (or as are now, in BOTH) of my older kids’ classes through the years, and it was a pleasure to get to know their family a little more in depth (well, I mean I’ve gleaned through lunches with the kids which twin was born first, and how many minutes younger the other one is…but I had no idea they have an older brother, or that their parents are as cute as can be. THIS is why I love lunching with my kids and their friends, btw. I learn SO MANY interesting facts about the families through their kids. Be afraid. ;) )

But, I digress.

Cory and Courtney introduced me to their brother Cedric B (an Aggie!), and we truly had a fun time together.



Landon {dallas family photographer}

I was there when he was born (heck, I was there BEFORE he was born), and I’ve watched him grow and change through his first year of life.  Sweet Landon has become a favorite of mine, and I’m not sure if it’s his great big eyes, ready smile, or his cute parents that make me feel like family every time I’m around them.  Regardless of the reasons or the number of times I walk away from a session with Landon with the BIGGEST smile on my face, a part of me is sad that he’s an official graduate of our baby plan (*sniff, sniff*).

Which means a) his parents need to go ahead and go for #2 (ignoring the advice I gave last week about how much easier it is with MORE THAN two years between kiddos), or b) be our first inductee into the toddler plan (details of which I will totally hash out…).

Because, seriously…look at this family. How can you not want to see them every few months (and then some)?


Phoebe {dallas family photographer}

Something new and fun that we’ve had a lot of this year are sessions with dogs.  Even more fun? When the dog IS the child.

It’s been a great change of pace, amongst the toddler chasing and sibling wrangling, to have a cute couple and their fur-baby in front of my camera.

Phoebe brought her parents out to see me and play at the park, and if there was ever a dog I wanted to slip into my pocket and take home, she was it. So tiny and adorable, and obviously adored by her (gorgeous!) mommy and daddy ;)   They make such a cute family!