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Jake, Josh + Hannah {Flower Mound Family Photographer}

Jake, Josh and Hannah joined us just before Thanksgiving for a little fun at the park…and they were truly the perfect way to kick off a family-centered holiday (plus, remember how gorgeous the weather was that afternoon?).  This family genuinely adores one another, and it was so easy to just sit back and click my shutter as they teased and played with and loved on one another.

Hannah was especially comfortable in front of the camera…but she comes by it honestly. Her mom owns the *cutest* little clothing shop for girls and Hannah is used to modeling the outfits.  It just doesn’t get easier than this family.

I just *had* to FaceBook this image….the first I pulled from the card and it made me giggle. We NEVER get tired of embarrassing your oldest kids around here…especially with kisses ;)


Samantha + Brian {Dallas Family Photographer}

Samantha and Brian are celebrating one year of married bliss, and our session was such a fun break from the usual. Newly OUT OF newlywed status, they recently added to their family with a rescue puppy…and we traipsed all over the Arboretum (withOUT the dogs), then hit White Rock Lake for a little fun WITH the dogs (pesky Arboretum rules!) ;)   We just *barely* beat the rain that day, managed to avoid the pumpkins, and snagged some of the beautiful fall colors for their anniversary images.  Plus, we totally managed to sneak in a little holiday fun at the end. LOVE IT!


Gage + Caitlin {dallas family photographer}

Another six-years-in-a-row session, and another how-much-do-I-love-my-job day.

Gage was a big-eyed 3 month old at our first session…and while the big eyes haven’t changed, he has grown into quite the young man.

Caitlin has started, and now finished, college in the years I’ve known her…and nothing makes you feel older than watching milestones pass by (am I right?).

Handsome boy, beautiful girl, perfect light. Have I told you lately that I love my job? ;)


Kayla + Will {dallas childrens photographer}

This was our SIXTH (or is it seventh?) session together, and these kids (and their mom) are an annual highlight for me.  We chit-chat our way through, catch up on the goings on in each others’ lives, and in the process snag some fun images to continue to wallpaper their house for yet another year. It just doesn’t get better.

Will is always our little monkey, and Kayla is the sweetest big sister (who rolls her eyes and puts up with it every year like a champ).


Hands down, my favorite photograph of Kayla ever. EVER. Gorgeous.


Brady + Lowery {plano family photographer}

I’ve been photographing Brady and Lowery since before Miss Lowery was born, and over the years their sweet mom, Sunni, and I have become good friends.  It helps to have coinciding divorces ;) (and wine. that helps too).

Last year Sunni unexpectedly lost her mom, and specifically requested that we document her dad with the kids, as after she passed they realized they didn’t have any photos of Lowery with her grandmother.

So we did, and what a sweet session we had.

I have SO much respect for the fact that the kids’ dad joined us as well…putting the kids’ needs first is so incredibly healthy (and admirable). I think I want to be just like Sunni when I grow up ;)