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Beck {highland park family photographer}

Mr Beck is another of our fabulous, long-standing, annual Sugar kiddos that my camera just *loves* and can’t get enough of. This year he’s six (!!!), and as fun and engaging as they come.

We had a great afternoon, and somehow made it through our location without having to fight for space with a ton of other photographers (which, on a gorgeous saturday afternoon at this location is just plain lucky).

We did, however, work around a few brides and even a wedding, but stud-muffin and lover of having his photo taken that he is, we dashed around the tulle, tiptoed past the wedding, and had our best session yet!


Big brother Lee joined us this time, and watching these two together was just plain fun. Beck LOOOOVES him some snuggle time with Lee.

At the end, Beck turned the tables (and the camera) on me…I’m quite sure the photos he snapped of my wild-haired self aren’t blog worthy, but this one definitely is. XO, sweet Beck. Can’t wait to see you again!


Olivia + Ian {Dallas Children’s Photographer}

Six years ago I met this family as I photographed their three month old daughter. They were, in a word, delightful. Funny, easy going, laid back, and enamored with their daughter and each other, they made my job *very* easy. A few years later they added a son, and we photographed his first year as well.

Suddenly, these kids are 6 and 4 (though I know, they look like their going on 16 and *at least* 7), but the love, the fun, the easy connection has never wavered.

Of course, it helps that they wheeled up to our session with a cooler of beer, offered me one, and basically said “Tell us what to wear and where to go”.  LOVE THEM.

Sadly, I’m not a beer drinker, though I ‘m not sure drinking *during* a session would help their images stay in focus ;)   So I passed, but mentally put a check mark next to the ‘definitely attend their next party’ column, and off we went.

There’s something fabulous about combining one of my oldest (in duration, not age :O ) families with a brand, spankin’ new location. I got to stretch my creative brain a bit (so needed this time of year), and they trusted me enough to essentially bring their closet and let me go to town.

Win-win. All the way. And I couldn’t be happier:

(hear that sound? that’s her dad’s heart shattering into a million pieces. girlfriend is *so* 6-going-on-16)

(there’s a story here…we were walking to the spot I wanted to shoot at and I spied a dandelion.  I snagged it, told the kids to make a wish, and took a step back.  Ian wished that his grandfather “didn’t died-ed”, and blew with all of his might…

and sweet Ian, I’d give anything to make that wish come true. You are a rough and tumble little man, but have a heart as big as any I’ve met.

We ended our session by getting to play with the setting sun. I was a VERY happy photographer!


Olivia + John Stephen {highland park children’s photographer}

I know, I know, I sound redundant this time of year. But it is seriously such an honor to be asked to photograph families year after year (after year after year). I first met John Stephen when he was tiny enough for a bucket car seat, and every year I am thrilled to have a chance to play with these two kids (and their ALWAYS happy parents. I mean ALWAYS. HAPPY. I want to be them when I grow up.).

This year we had another great session together. John Stephen was silly, Olivia was a doll, and I came away feeling so in love with my job.

I love this time of year!

(I just had to throw this into the mix…They have moves like Jagger, don’t you think?)


Juliet + Lila {dallas childrens photographer}

Another prior Sugar family has been touched by cancer this year, this time it was Juliet and Lila’s dad (who we first met here, and here).

This roller coaster year culminates for them soon with what will hopefully be his last surgery, and their family session will help them celebrate this milestone.

These silly girls grow more beautiful every time I see them, and Miss Lila gets sillier every time as well! She had something goofy going on with her tongue that had us all laughing (and have me smiling now at the slew of ‘tongue-pics’ I’m weeding through. Silly girl.).


Here’s to a smooth ending to this crazy year for a family that has already been through so much. May next year be a boring one for you guys ;)


Bennett, Ava + Ellie {dallas childrens photographer}

A little over a year ago I blogged this beautiful session of tiny, newborn Bennett.  Several of those images are still among my favorite newborn images to date.

He grew, I followed his adventures on FaceBook and watched him turn into a handsome toddler, chasing his two sisters every chance he got.

Then one day, something in my FaceBook feed caught my eye. It was Bennett’s mom, thanking everyone for their prayers during this very scary event.  I clicked back, and was horrified to read that he had been diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL), and was undergoing treatment.  I began following his CaringBridge page, and added my prayers to those of their many friends and family members.

Bennett has a long road still ahead of him.   His mom, juggling his treatments among the other day-to-day chaos that comes along with three children, booked his session for a time that he would be feeling his best.  Then, Mother Nature intervened and we had to reschedule.  But then Mother Nature came through for us, and we had a beautiful afternoon for our shoot, not too hot, cold, or wet.  And Bennett rocked it (and kept me on my toes!).

Steroids give him a TON of energy and determination, and we just let him do his thing and tried to keep up.

He did let us grab some GREAT ones, though!

These girls just adore their brother (and the feeling is mutual).  Please add their family to your prayers as they embark on a several year treatment protocol.  I hope to have many more sessions with this sweet family.