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Sophia {dallas children’s photographer}

One of our slew of brand, spankin’ new Sugar kiddos (thanks to D Magazine!) is Miss Sophia.  At 15 months, she’s quick on her feet, ready to explore, and delights in just about everything. She’s also a hoss, because just a few minutes after face-planting on the cement, she was back to laughing and enjoying her morning in the park.

This may be one of my favorite photos in a long while…I can hear her giggle. Can you?

I’m betting someone had quite the nap after we were finished!


Lyla + Gannon {highland park children’s photographer}

Our holiday rush has already begun in earnest! Prior Sugar families KNOW how important it is to get their holiday card session done asap.  It may be 107 during the day, but at 8am it was still a ‘cool’ 89 ;) (hey, I work fast…we only broke a sweat towards the end).

Nothing makes me happier than seeing familiar faces, especially now that we’re meeting so many NEW faces thanks to D Magazine.

Give me those same familiar faces, their mom’s fabulous style, and one of my favorite locations to shoot? Magic:

Gorgeous Lyla

Last year Gannon was thrilled with his gangsta pic (baseball cap on sideways, arms crossed and feeling cool). This is this year’s version. He looks pretty intimidating, don’t you think? ;)

I had to throw this one into the mix…love, love, LOVE how she’s looking at her big brother.

As mentioned above, we are booking up fast and furious! Snag your Sugar session soon so we can guarantee your spot!


Maggie + Abby {dallas senior photography}

Last year Maggie and Abby were in front of my lens a couple of times (here and here), and as each session with them is such a blast (plus, the clothes (and SHOES and JEWELRY, oh my) always make my fashion-loving heart skip a beat), I could NOT wait to see them again. Even better, our combo Senior-Rush-Christmas shoot (which, because of the clothes and shoes and sassy girls, means I should have Fashion added to that list) was supposed to be outside. But at the last minute we switched to the Meyerson to get us OUT of this miserable heat, and it turned out to be a fabulous decision. Just look:


We ended our Senior-Rush-Christmas-Fashion shoot at the Winspear Opera House next door, and it was the perfect way to wrap up our session. Absolutely love that reflecting pool!


Lydia + Naomi {adoption sunday – Dallas Childrens Photography}

Know what love looks like?

It looks an awful lot like the expressions on the parents of this dynamic duo from Ethiopia.  It also looks like adoration, happiness, and let’s just go there, patience. (Hey, they’re 3…’nuff said).

This sweet family was kind enough to let us capture them for another gorgeous Adoption Sunday session (even though it wasn’t really Sunday ;) ).  We had a ball, and obviously had a dynamic location to shoot in, their friends’ gorgeous playroom. I was a happy, happy photographer :)