Best in Big D

At the risk of going all Sally Field on you guys, here’s a giant shout-out to all of you that voted! THANK YOU!

‘cuz guess what…WE WON!


We won not JUST Readers’ Choice, but Editor’s Pick as well.  And because being nominated was an honor in and of itself, I’m still not quite able to put into words what winning BOTH categories means.

So just…thank you. From the bottom of my heart, for every one of you that has supported, encouraged, cheered and pushed me to be creative and the best I could be.

For our clients of the past six years, who picked us before we were cool and stood by us these past, bumpy-at-best years.

And for my oldest child, who asked “Mommy? Are you the BEST photographer in the WHOLE WORLD?”…when I answered “No…but a lot of people voted us best in Dallas!”, your “Oh, well, sorry about that.” is about all I could possibly ask for where keeping it real is concerned.

So, from my oldest, and from her siblings, from Mindy and myself, we thank you ALL.  We may not be ‘best in the whole world’, but D Magazine fills that void nicely.

Now let’s get ready for some SERIOUS eye candy as we hit our 2011 holiday season head-on.

Dallas just got a whole lot sweeter.

Let’s do this.



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  1. Snekcip said . . .

    Congratulations!!!!! You will always be a WINNER in my book! Contest or not!!!! It has been a pleasure to follow this blog and MAYBE one day, I will have the honor of you capturing our family.

    Posted August 8, 2011 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

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