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Last chance to vote!

Voting ends Sunday night, so if you haven’t recently, please take a moment to click through and select your favorites. It doesn’t take long (just a few minutes), and ‘Best Family Photographer’ is at the VERY end (they saved the best for last!).

Click HERE to vote hourly from your phone AND your computer.

We so appreciate your vote!!!


Savannah {dallas baby photographer}

Miss Savannah almost had her session postponed because of weather, an out-of-town session that ran late, and a myriad of other obstacles that kept popping up. But somehow, the timing worked out perfectly, the skies waited to darken and downpour just as we ended, and Savannah gave us some of her very best smiles (sorry, couldn’t resist).

She rocked the multiple outfit changes, wasn’t a HUGE fan of her bows, but cooperated wonderfully in between ripping each one off of her head.

This may be my favorite…dainty Miss Savannah was not a fan of the grass. It pokes back, don’t you know…

ps) Less than a week is left in the D Magazine ‘Best of Big D’ poll! Don’t forget to vote for your favorites (psssst! Best Family Photographer is at the VERY end!!! Hint, hint ;) )


Best in Big D!

I am so very pinch-me-quick, I-must-be-dreaming honored to have been nominated by the editors of D Magazine for Best Family Photographer in this year’s Best in Big Dcompetition.

Voting is HOURLY through May 29th, and if I’m not already driving you nuts on Twitter and Facebook, I’m sure that’ll soon start to happen ;)

Huge thanks in advance to clients, family, friends and colleagues who are spreading the word and sharing the link (and all the love that goes with it).

I’m honored to be tapped for this, but mostly just proud to stand beside the other finalists, many of whom I’ve known and admired for years. We are all *already* winners (let’s link arms and sing Kumbaya).

If you haven’t already, go here and vote (“Best Family Photographer” is at the VERY END).

As they say…vote often, vote hard, but keep it sweet!



Sterling {dallas newborn photographer}

Four-week-old Sterling can be described as a wise old soul, a night owl, and a flirt with the ladies. He’s also the answer to a lot of prayers, and an absolute joy to photograph.

I loved meeting him at his placement last month, and today got to see the adoration that comes along with these brand, spankin’ new parents firsthand.

I probably could have stayed all day. Or taken him home. He was as mellow as they come (though I hear it’s really just an act for company ;) ).

Adoptions make me mushy (for good reason), so I’ll stop gushing about his eyelashes, his toes, his parents and his obvious winning personality, and just send you guys to enjoy the sneaks from our session this morning:



Quinn + Reese {dallas children’s photographer}

Miss Quinn had her second Baby Plan session today, and it *only* took us three tries to actually make it happen ;) In Round One we were waylaid by a tummy bug in Quinn herself. Round Two found us faced with some sort of pioneer extravaganza at our shoot location, complete with open bonfires, hoop skirts, and a farmer’s market. Round Three took place an hour and a half away, at their lake house.

BINGO. Perfection.

Well worth the wait, don’t you think?