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Sterling {fort worth adoption photographer}

I have witnessed the forming of families multiple times, and have loved documenting every single one. Through biology or adoption, when a couple becomes parents for the very first time, it is a profound, magical moment, and I am always honored to document it.

Baby Sterling is one of those lucky little ones that is absolutely surrounded by love. His first mommy loved him so much that she found the perfect people to be his forever mommy and daddy, and I was lucky enough to be there for their Placement. In a small hospital chapel, this baby boy was passed from mother to mother, father to grandmother. He was wrapped in a blanket knitted by his birth mother, blessed by a chaplain, and surrounded by members of both his families as he was officially welcomed into the arms of the couple that had hoped and waited and prayed for him.

To say that it was beautiful is an understatement. It was an emotional, beautiful, heart wrenching and uplifting moment to witness.

How’s this for a proud new daddy?

Welcome to the world, baby Sterling. It’s a wonderful place to be.


Emily + Andrew + Katy {dallas newborn photographer}

It’s like she KNEW what I was there for…(one of the other two tipped her off, I think).

At 2 weeks old, this sweet baby girl put up with me through much primping and swaddling, and I even stole a few snuggles of my own. From her head *full* of hair to her wee baby toes, she stole the show and held her own (as 3rd babies learn early on is a necessity, not just a right).

Plus, her nursery was to-die-for gorgeous. It doesn’t get much more fun than this:

This last image from her session is, if nothing else, a reminder of just how privileged I am to know and bond with these children (and their parents) over the years that Sugar has been in existence.

I first met Katy when she was not quite 2. Her speech was tricky to understand, her tutu was darling, and her curls stole the show. Her little brother was still in mommy’s tummy, and this image is, to date, still one of my very favorites of all time (and one that still hangs in the showroom). I photographed Andrew through his baby plan, and we morphed into annual mini sessions once the kids were old enough.

To have watched them grow, and add, and add once more, and to be invited to share and document along the way…THIS is the joy that encompasses photographing children. THEY are why I freely admit that I have the very best job in the whole wide world.

Welcome, Miss Emily. We’re going to have some fun together, just ask Katy and Andrew. XO.


Sophie + Jack {frisco baby photographer}

Miss Sophie had her 6 month Baby Plan session, and in honor of that she put up with her Mommy and I through 6 whole outfit changes (complete with bows and tights/leggings/diaper covers). I was in little girl clothes HEAVEN (though we did have to work hard to get that last outfit worked into the shoot…Sophie was over us by, I think, outfit 4).

Of course, you wouldn’t know she was at all grouchy during our session from these happy, smiley pics (Hi, I have 3 kids…I know how to work AROUND the grumbles ;) ).

Remember her newborn session? I couldn’t resist grabbing a more recent version of Jack and Sophie in his chair:

If you’re a fan of Sugar on FaceBook, you saw the pic Sophie and Jack’s Mommy texted after I left our session. She worked HARD!