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Ben + Sam {dallas childrens’ photographer}

Mr Ben has now completed his Sugar Baby Plan (*sniffle!*) and I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to NOT see these little guys every six months. It seems like just yesterday we started big brother Sam’s Baby Plan with his newborn session. Literally, yesterday. This whole kids-growing-up-in-a-flash just *has* to stop (someone get on that, okay?).

So anyway, Ben. 1 year. Blue eyes. Huge smile. Happy kid. LOVE. (and, he’s quick. Keep scrolling down…)

I also love Sam, and when he looks at his brother like this? My heart just melts.

Ben is the king of expressions (keep scrolling…)

He has a gorgeous mom,

a playful dad,

and a silly brother.

(who also doubles as a GQ model. For serious.)

How much do we love quick, expressive, can’t-catch-me one year old Ben? LOTS.

Hey Ben and Sam…talk those cute parents into one more for me, okay? ;)


Hailey + Ellie + Addison + Harper + Emerson {dallas childrens photographer}

Miss Emerson had her 2nd Baby Plan session this morning, and after a round of sick yuckiness delayed our last session the morning it was scheduled, I was READY to get my camera pointed towards these girls. They did not disappoint, and it was, dare I say, one of my most favorite sessions with this crew of all time (minus, of course, the births I’ve photographed (the last two), the newborn sessions (the last three), and all the years of watching them grow (all five)).

Basically, any session with this family is guaranteed to be a fun one, but when THIS is one of the first images taken, you *know* we’re in for a great time!

I *heart* her curls so, so much.

Towards the end, I became a little less interesting…but the leaves never lost their yumminess.


Dylan + Libby + Ella + Juliett + Lyla {dallas childrens photographer}

Specially commissioned for their grandmother’s milestone birthday, these cousins joined forces to help create a very special canvas. The question became, however…Do we use the antique chair? Or go with the bench?

(We went with the bench, and the final product was STUNNING…there is going to be a VERY happy birthday in someone’s near future :) )

*My* personal favorites will forever be the ones where NO one is looking at the camera (much to the frustration of grandparents everywhere…our own included ;) )