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Elizabeth + Katie {plano children’s photographer}

This post is a little more photo-heavy than usual, but it’s for a very good reason. This family was INCREDIBLY generous when donating to Heroes for Children’s 5K in September, and it wasn’t hard to predict that with as many entries as they had in the Sugar raffle, that they would walk away winners.

And, they did!

Elizabeth and Katie met me in Deep Ellum yesterday afternoon for their winning session, and we had SO much fun. These girls are just hysterical…so easy to get to laugh and have fun, so natural and at ease in front of the camera. It was a GREAT way to spend an afternoon, listening to their giggles and watching their antics. They are truly a joy!

I love the Dallas skyline in Elizabeth’s sunglasses (the sunset was gorgeous, as you can see).

Can you believe this was smack in the middle of Deep Ellum? I never get tired of finding new little pockets of greatness to use for our shoots.


Isaac + Holly {plano children’s photographer}

Isaac and Holly should have been blogged a week ago as part of the mini sessions. But it didn’t quite work out that way, and the way it played out was LITERALLY almost almost like a scene in a movie (a comedic horror movie, at that). Cue everyone getting out of the car, tell photographer to exclaim over the cute clothes, now everyone take two steps to walk to the meadow, and now CUE THE VOMITING BABY.

Poor Holly had a bit of an upset tummy, and by ‘bit’ I mean ‘very’, and by ‘upset’ I mean ‘violently ill all over her outfit, her mommy’s outfit, and then soaked her carseat’. I think we can laugh about it now, though I admit I DID text as I was heading to their session JUST TO CHECK AND MAKE SURE that everyone was feeling good. They were, and our shoot was a success!


Sarah + Ethan {dallas children’s photographer}

Sarah and Ethan are another of our first time Sugar families, and I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb when I say they are also the most convenient…(they live right next door). After being neighbors for three years it was an honor to see their name on the calendar, and I loved getting a chance to hang out with them (and their cute parents). Note to self…include wine at our ordering session. It’s not like anyone has to DRIVE home afterwards ;)

This look was SO very Sarah…I couldn’t NOT include it!


Mary Claire + Cambre {dallas children’s photographer}

This sneak peek is a little heavier on images than usual…I got sort of carried away with these girls. Take a look, and you’ll see why ;)

It’s my favorite time of year not only because we see repeat clients year after year right about now, but also because of the NEW ones that jump on the Sugar bandwagon. I hope these girls join the ranks of Sugar repeaters along with all the rest.


Katy + Andrew {dallas children’s photographer}

Katy and Andrew had their annual Sugar session during our minis on Sunday, and not only did Katy get to show off her nifty new cast, but a certain baby bump was unveiled (promising a new little peanut to photograph in early 2011-CANNOT WAIT!). You know how I love 3rd babies!

Until then, however, we were content playing with just these two. And they were easy-peasy to photograph. Love!