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Beck {dallas children’s photographer}

Mr Beck brought his parents back for his third (? or is it fourth?) session with Sugar, and we had perfect light, gorgeous weather, and a doe eyed five year old. I don’t think it gets much better than THAT!

He may be five, but he’s NOT too big to still get on Daddy’s shoulders…

The Dude abides (sorry, I couldn’t help myself :P )


Emma Janae {ACPCG}

After Ella Dawn’s session a few months ago I was contacted by another sweet ‘heart baby’ family that would soon be heading to Children’s Cardiac ICU. Emma Janae endured heart surgery just 19 hours after birth, and several more in the 21 days since she was born. I was lucky enough to be in the room when her darling Mommy was handed her baby girl for the very first time.

There’s nothing like a little anticipation to make you realize just how agonizing those 21 days must have been.

Daddy was right there, watching the monitors, loving his two girls, and I know he was just aching to hold her. She did so well after I left that I hear he was able to love on her a bit himself, and that makes me just so happy for all three of them.

Of course, any stylish baby girl (especially here in Dallas) MUST have a rockin’ bow collection. Sweet Emma may have the the best bows I’ve ever seen, in or OUT of the CICU.

Pure joy:

Feel free to give this sweet family a little lovin’ on their BLOG. They are living at the Ronald Macdonald house near the hospital as they traveled from out of state to be here. I know they could use every prayer, strength, and uplifting message that they can get.


Baron, Savannah, Blake + Beau {dallas children’s photographer}

Who knew that this crazy Dallas weather would give us such amazing light? The last time I worked with this family they were a family of “only” four…they’ve added two more fun boys to the mix, and today we had an absolute ball!

There was a GORGEOUS tree blooming across the street that matched perfectly with the colors of their clothes…kismet!

I love love LOVE big families!


Marisa {dallas family photographer}

This little family has a HUGE place in my heart. Last year my kids and I rescued 2 dogs when they were a few hours away from being euthanized (I’m a softie like that). We brought this brother/sister pair of German Shepards home, and sadly they weren’t a great match with our elderly Great Dane (why foresight is a GOOD thing, even for the soft-hearted).

Both were eventually rehomed, and through a Wow What A Small World This Is connection, we were able to stay in contact with this family, who now has a sweetest dog ever in Mr Beau Jangles. They bid on and won a Sugar session at a school auction, and last week was the day!

Sadly, dogs aren’t allowed at the Dallas Arboretum. But gorgeous little girls most definitely ARE!


Ava, Audrey + Amelia {plano newborn photographer}

Miss Amelia rounds out this trio of A-DOR-A-BLE girls, and quite well, I might add. She was so cooperative, so sweet, and is already living up to my much beloved hype about third babies (they are the BOMB).

Her sisters Ava and Audrey were equally sweet and cooperative, and a little silly to boot. My very favorite combination!

Love her pouty little face here…