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Katherine {dallas children’s photographer}

Katherine is one of our yearly regulars, and there is nothing more special for me than watching these kids grow, year after year. This year Katherine is SIX! And LOVES! BALLET! And HAS! A! NEW! DOG!

In other words, she’s pretty emphatic about a LOT(!) of things. I loved being able to just watch her do her thing, and really enjoyed sitting back and documenting her little world.

Oh, and she’s going to be a BIG! SISTER! Which, of course, means I have to ask what the baby’s name will be. And then? Then I just start clicking…

(ps-if baby is a girl, Katherine thinks she should be called ‘Sassy’. Why am I not surprised? ;)

(by the way, these aren’t posted out of order. She really did change her outfit a few times…my little stylist in the making!)

The cute little family of three-and-a-half:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. This dog is PRICELESS.

And this? Is a woman on a mission. She’s got big plans for that dog, and I have a sneaking suspicion it involves baby clothes and more time in the stroller.


Matilda + Jax {dallas children’s photographer}

This sweet family drove from far, far away to bring their cuties in for a Sugar session. One that, flatteringly enough, they had saved up for and were so looking forward to. At one point Matilda’s mom told her “this is the person that takes those pictures you’ve seen on the computer!”, and Matilda said “Ooooh!” (and I felt a little like a celebrity…a six year old recognized me (well, my WORK. I’ll take it)).

Matilda turned six yesterday, and lost her front tooth on the same day. Jax is one and, well, I was warned ahead of time that Jax was a guy on the move. He most certainly did NOT like sitting still. Or sitting at all. Or being held. Or anything that did not involve running, crawling, walking, or wiggling in the opposite direction. I had my fast shoes on today, and we ended up getting just what we wanted. (it helps that I have a mover and a shaker of my own…I know how to be quick!). So between the missing teeth and the busy boy we had a fun session from beginning to end (and lots to document!).

Miss Matilda brought her own special outfit to wear at the end of our session…she styled it all on her own, and OH MY GOODNESS was it full of sass and sparkle, wings and bling! Of course, then she rocked the look completely.


Maggie {Fort Worth Senior Photographer}

This afternoon I got LUCKY. A storm started to roll in 45 minutes before I was to meet Maggie for her Senior session, but she was already in Dallas (after driving in from Fort Worth with her cute mom…hooray for budgeting enough time for a Northpark shopping trip!), and we were able to scramble and meet a little ahead of schedule. The dark clouds stayed just East of us, allowing that gorgeous light from the setting sun to play with our photos, and by the time the sprinkles started we were already finished and ready to head for home!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Maggie is so darn photogenic either. ;)

It was nice to finally get to play with this field…my little subjects aren’t tall enough to be seen over the grass.

I saw this one in the camera and had to comment with a sassy “RAWR!”. Because, um…RAWR.

I just love her natural beauty.


Ella Dawn {ACPCG}

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ella’s aunt Rachael, who told me about her soon-to-be niece. Ella was diagnosed with two rare congenital heart defects at 21 weeks gestation, and her family was traveling to Dallas for her delivery and surgery in hopes of giving her the very best medical care available. I was asked to photograph Ella as part of volunteering with the American Child Photographer’s Charity Guild.

Two days ago Ella entered the world, and was immediately whisked into surgery. The first of her two congenital heart defects was repaired during this surgery, and the second round of surgeries will begin in the next two to five days.

Today was the day that her Mommy was finally allowed to hold her daughter, and I am honored and blessed to have been able to witness and document it. I think the photos from today say more than I could ever attempt to express, so I just ask that you visit Ella’s blog and send up a prayer for her entire family.


Leslie {Dallas High School Senior Photography}

I had so much fun with Leslie on Saturday afternoon (despite the 100 degree temps!). We had amazing light, the perfect breeze, and with someone as naturally pretty as Leslie, it was no problem shooting a gazillion gorgeous images. I think I should apologize to her mom in advance ;)

One of the last shots of the day…loooove the texture of the leaves with the ruffles of her dress. Plus the colors, and the light, and the gorgeousness…BLISS!