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The Riley Family

What luck! A last minute request (as aunts and uncles were in town) combined with the afternoon rainstorm stopping *just* in time AND a location to die for to give us an absolutely perfect afternoon of shooting.

Plus, it helps that they are about as cute as can be, that the kids *just* played Miss Jen last week, and it’s like a real life Hallmark card.

Of course, to GET these fun family shots we *had* to get a bit crazy…

And practice our sassy poses (led by the youngest, Miss Thang herself).

Uncle Brendan wanted one with the kids for his Christmas card, and Aunt Erin hopped in at just the right moment…Love this pic!


Ben + Sam {Dallas Children’s Photographer}

Meet Mr Serious (AKA “Ben”). He has deep, soulful blue eyes that look at you and say “Seriously? It’s HOT out here!” (also, “Isn’t my mom gorgeous? RAWR.).

and “So…you realize that standing in grass is NOT AT ALL the same as standing in my crib, right? RIGHT?”

Then “Yeah, these are my guys, and this is my foot…what of it?”

Until finally, I was summarily dismissed (with fanfare).

Oh, but wait…first we had to try and get him to crack a smile. The foolproof way? Big brother Sam knows just what to do…


Gavin + Aidan + CJ

Baby Planner Gavin is now graduated! (sniffle, *sob*)

We met yesterday afternoon and sweated off a few pounds in the Texas afternoon heat…and WOW was it worth it!

How much do you love a iconic family photograph such as this?

CJ is a previous Baby Planner as well…and I’m sorry, but she’s four? REALLY??

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these three kiddos (also LOVE the location…my new fav!)

Last shot of the day…hot, sweaty, and still smiling. Oh, to be one again!


Emma + Avery

Today could not have been any more perfect. The sun came out, the kids were healthy, happy, and free of broken limbs (unlike last time), and the park was absolutely EMPTY.

LOVED these kids when we first met a few years ago…love them even now that Emma is a sassy little kid and Avery is still the doting big brother (though I personally think he needs a surfboard).

Another bonus of the older ages? They are FAST! Love Emma’s personality shining through as she *thinks* she’s winning this race (big props to Avery for “letting” her).

Happiness is a’swinging in the summer…


How’s your summer?

Just checking in from our not-so-lazy summer to see how everyone is doing. Eating popsicles? Selling lemonade? Sleeping late (ha ha, sorry…I like to dream)? Splashing in puddles?

We’re back from the beach, playing some serious catch-up before the holiday craziness begins, and sessions start back up this week (pssst! GO AWAY RAIN!).

Sending you much Sugar love, from this suntan-scented home to yours.


Jen (and kids)