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Emerson Iris (+ hailey + ellie + addie + harper) – Dallas Newborn Photographer

Sweet Emerson Iris entered the world a week before amid claps and cheers (and a few brother-hopeful tears on a sister that will remain nameless). At her newborn session (our 3rd with this family…LOVE THEM) we had a ball throwing this tiny little thing in amongst her eager sisters in hopes of that ONE magical group shot.

Guess what, we got more than one ;)

But here’s my favorite…even Emerson can’t help but smile at her good fortune:

Her eyelashes are what I noticed in the delivery room…how does a brand new baby have eyelashes this fabulous?

And I just have to give out a quick shout-out to the people that help keep us mommies of multiple children sane over the summer…the nannies! You know how you keep these special saints happy? Celebrate the love they have for your kids (and vice versa), and make sure they know they are FAMILY. Because this? Is TRUE LIFE WITH FIVE KIDS:


Welcome Emerson (dallas birth photographer)

I made it back from a 2 week trip to visit our daughter’s birth family just in time to document the arrival of baby #5 for one of my very favorite families.

We tried to remember how long these kiddos have been chased by me and my lens over the years, and the best estimate we can come up with 4.5 or 5 years. Their oldest was 3.5 when we first started, and I’ve had the great pleasure of photographing this brood as they grew from 2 daughters to 3, to 4, and today…to 5.

Baby 5 was a surprise (as her sisters were before her), and it was just over a year ago that we welcomed Harper and announced to the family that it was another towheaded girl to add to the rest.

And today, Emerson joined her sisters Hailey, Ellie, Addie and Harper as the perfect little addition. And there were four VERY excited big sisters that were eager to hear the news

Dad wanted to make sure that everyone out there in blog-land knows that he appreciates everyone’s prayers as he navigates life in a house FILLED with women. He also accepts donations (See Jamie? I said I had your back ;) ).

But don’t let him fool you…no one was more smitten than this man:

The sisters were eager to meet Emerson, and squabbles over who was going to hold her next were quieted with the promise that this little one? Would be coming HOME with them. I’m not sure she’s going to have much of a chance to just lay around with these girls watching over her:

And hey…guys out there? When you give your wife a present like THIS to celebrate the fact that she’s spent 4 of the 11 years you’ve been married pregnant? Yeah…you’re a complete and total rock star (just like your gorgeous wife).

Welcome, little Emerson. I can’t wait to watch you grow <3