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Hailey, Ellie, Addie + Harper

I can’t believe Harper’s first birthday is here! It feels like just yesterday that I was documenting her arrival (another girl!), and her baby plan year has just flown by!

She is very grown up now, don’t you know…

and quite the independent little thing

But with these three sisters, how could she be anything other than confident, happy, and full of life?

psssst! Baby #5 is on the way…place your bets now! Pink or blue?


Luke – dallas children’s photographer

Luke’s mommy called to set up a session *just* to make sure we captured his new gap-toothed smile….how fabulous is that?

He and I had a serious talk about life, McDonald’s, and all his favorite things.

It’s a good thing he’s a talker, because those big brown eyes had me all sorts of distracted!

His family has THE COOLEST tree house:


Thomas – dallas baby photography

Mr Thomas is heading home to Italy (as in Milan…I KNOW!). He’s a very busy guy for someone that’s only 3 months old.

We were able to not only set up a quick session while he’s visiting his peeps in Dallas but ALSO managed to beat the rain and find the last bit of natural light ANYWHERE IN THE METROPLEX just for his session.

He totally rocked it. First off, he’s a complete ladies man…I mean just look at this expression!

(can’t you just hear him asking you “Come here often?”).

He had the biggest blue eyes and really knew how to use them.

And his parents? Pretty darn cute themselves.

But the star of the show was the little guy himself. His aunt booked the session as a birthday gift for Thomas’ mommy, and her one request was that we capture his pouty face. Try as we might, we got a whole lot of this:

But hey, I’ll take it ;)

Safe travels, Thomas. I hope you’re a happy bambino on the flight home!


Landon – dallas newborn photographer

I know! Another post about this precious little guy! That’s what happens when we get to photograph bellies, births, and then babies. LOVE. IT.

Mr Landon was such a champ for his newborn session, and was a VERY good boy because he didn’t pee on any of US (rather, on every blanket…and even in a bowl!). He’s a considerate little guy!

Much love to this sweet little family.

XO, Jen


Landon – dallas birth photographer

I recently posted about Lauren and Paul and their sweet new baby who’s arrival was going to be ANY DAY.

That day has come, and Landon decided he was ready (well, high blood pressure decided he was ready). The induction was scheduled, and after a few hours I couldn’t stand it anymore and headed up to the hospital.

Lauren and Paul were laboring right along when I got there.

I was struck by these photos of their first babies…used as a focal point and working well until Lauren realized that Paul was a much better comfort to her than the photos.

Watching this couple (who I know have waited and struggled and prayed for this baby) work to bring a new life into the world was wonderful to see. They are a true team.

Landon arrived, bright-eyed and calm…and this little family was at once whole and perfect.

Big love to Lauren’s doula, Anna Marie Nelson, who was there to calm and center, then coach and cheer.

The last shot of the night was of Lauren conferencing both her mom and dad to tell them the news of their new grandchild…a healthy, perfect, wonderful little boy.

Welcome to the world, Baby Landon.