Monthly Archives: March 2010

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Bennett + Ava + Ellie

Third babies are so very special around here, and this little guy was no exception to the ‘Easiest Baby Ever’ rule of thirds. At 9 days old Bennett slept, curled, and slept some more. He ate a bit, cried the tiniest bit, and generally was about as mellow and laid back as I could have asked for.

Plus, his big sisters? Delightful. Also, in love.

I just *LOVE* the paci on the edge of the photo. My 7 year old likes to ‘help’ edit (for example, she demanded that I remove the pacifier. So we had a discussion about what real life looks like…not just picture perfect moments. I don’t think I convinced her, but it’s my computer and only I know the password, SO THERE! The paci stays. ;) )