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Sam + Ethan

These 9 year old boys were a ton of fun last weekend, and I was so thrilled to finally meet them after years of hearing about them from my dear friend, Jenny. Their dad delivered Katie a few weeks ago (and Maggie before that), and this session had to be kept under wraps so they could surprise him. I heard one of them may have slipped a bit after our session, but I am quite sure that he will still enjoy the slideshow link he’ll be given on Valentine’s Day. What better gift?

These boys might be twins, but they are quick to make sure that folks know how very different they are. I could have sat and chatted with them for *hours*…they were hilarious!

Skateboarder Ethan…social, chatty, never met a stranger:

Artist Sam…sensitive, intuitive, creative:

“*eye*+*heart*+*Daddy*”…who could say it better?