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Katie + Maggie {Allie, too}

Today was the long awaited newborn session for Maggie and Allie’s little sister, Katie.

Back story (bear with me)…I first met this family when Maggie was born. I stalked Jenny and Andrew as they fought Allie’s cancer, and my heart broke when I heard of her passing. When Jenny was close to her due date with Maggie I took a deep breath and emailed a woman I’d never met, admitted I was a stalker, but was also a photographer and would love to gift their family with a newborn session to capture their new baby girl. NO RESPONSE (mock huff: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? lol). So what’s a stalker to do? Why, EMAIL AGAIN, OF COURSE!

So I did, and this time she took a look at the site (I believe they were still in the hospital?), emailed back, and a date was set.

That session, is TO DATE, the hardest, most emotional, most poignant session I have ever had. I didn’t know this family, they didn’t know me, but they opened their home and their hearts to me and my camera. It was, in a word, raw. The emotion just bubbled up through every sweet moment with their daughter, and their missing angel was so THERE. I remember distinctly getting into my car after their session ended to drive home, putting my head on my steering wheel, and crying tears of sorrow, anguish, and joy (I still tear up, just writing these words. Jenny…I am so blessed to know you).

Fast forward four years and we have become dear friends (BFF’s, if you will). I was honored to be asked to document Katie’s arrival last week, and knew immediately that today would be so very different from our very first session together. And it was.

Joy, confidence, laughter, and happiness filled every room of their home. Of course, there were still tears. Sweet Allie is still just around the corner…her absence will always, ALWAYS be felt. But her sisters now have each other to grow with, to fill their parents’ hearts, and to honor the legacy that is Allie.

The image that caused immediate tears…



How has this year flown by SO DARN FAST?

It was seriously just the other day that I first met Wyatt and his cute family (grandparents included), and wasn’t it yesterday that he showed off his Halloween costume? Now he’s the big 0-1…he’s cruising, babbling, and just about as ONE as one can get. What hasn’t changed? His sunny personality. I have a serious love affair with this happy little guy. I’d love to just put him in my pocket, carry him around, and pull him out whenever I need a smile.


I also love his CUTE CUTE CUTE parents.

Guess what…so does he:



A rare thing has happened…I am struggling to find the exact. right. way. to describe today.

I think it’s impossible.

A family welcomed a new little life into the world. That, in itself, is always a miracle.

But this family? Well, I think it’s safe to say that people all over the world held their breath today, waiting for news of this little girl’s safe arrival.

She is the third of three girls, and big sister Maggie was at the hospital to welcome her much-wanted, much-anticipated, much-adored-in-the-belly Baby Katie.

What was to be an induction this morning turned into a c-section as Katie showed everyone that she may be the last, but she’ll make her grand debut on HER terms. A surprise breech meant a last minute change of plan, and though it wasn’t expected, spirits were high as we waited to hear that first, clear, unmistakable newborn cry.

Dad’s scrubs are now marked with the footprints of each of his baby girls:

Once in recovery Baby Katie was admired and snuggled before being introduced to family and friends through the nursery window (most importantly, to big sister Maggie)

Maggie and Daddy headed back to see Katie and Mommy in person

After everyone was safely ensconced in their home away from home (at least for the next few days), the rest of the crew was invited back. Katie was passed around, baby huffing occurred (I am certainly not immune to the allure of a brand new baby, just hours old), and Maggie decided she was ready to hold her new baby sister.

…and then, she fell in love.

Congratulations, my friends. There are just not enough words to describe how full my heart is for you today.

Welcome to this world, Baby Katie. You have found the perfect family.


Charlie, Caroline + Matthew

Charlie is one of our slew of little baby planners that is hitting that magical 6 month mark and OH MY GOODNESS do I love this age! Can’t quite get anywhere, but confident and proud of their new found ability to SIT LIKE A BIG KID. So darn cute!

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Lucy + Annie

One more from OC, CA…we were lucky enough to snap these before the rain hit Sunday morning…SO GLAD! These sisters (and their cute mom) really helped make our trip as amazing as it was!

Sassy Annie (who has the BEST crazy-funny, always makes me giggle, laugh)

Lucy Goosie (with her world famous stinky Uggs…guaranteed to empty a minivan of Been There, Done That moms in under five minutes)