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Happy Holidays!

Our family holiday card was an absolute last-minute, mommy-got-a-wild-hair, here-kids-eat-some-chocolate, wild and crazy event. Literally, at noon on the Tuesday BEFORE the kids’ class parties (which is always my personal deadline for our cards) I hit up The Gap, wandered around for over an hour cursing the photographer that was making me dress my three kids for a photo shoot (oh, wait…that was ME), and started bribing them from the minute they came home from school.

It had all the makings of a disaster…Coco was exhausted and hadn’t napped. The light was fading FAST. Husband was out of town. Big kids had both had big days at school. And MOST OF ALL-I forgot Coco’s shoes.

But once I’m up against a deadline, we do or die. And so, we did.

Front (several chocolate chips were harmed in the making of these images)
front (2)

Inside (you’ll want to click the image to view it a little larger…loved being able to squeeze in a few details on each kidlet)

Back (because I MUST always include a photo of someone either a) crying, or b) pulling down their pants. This year, we went with crying.).

I LOOOOVED the final card, they arrived in time to hand out that Friday, and the kids declared it the best afternoon of their WHOLE LIVES. LOL

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone. We hope you have a wonderful night, and an even better year!


Jen and Family


Greyson, Hadley + Alex

IMG_3662 copy

Think it was a tad chilly outside this morning? Trust me, it was COOOOLD. Greyson, Hadley, Alex, their parents and I all trooped outside this morning for the baby’s six month babyplan session…and I think my fingers and toes are ALMOST thawed.

That being said, as I look through the images and try to pick just a FEW for the blog…I love that these kids? They just go with it. You’d never know it was 35 degrees, with ice in the puddles around us (or that they drove an hour and a half to be there this morning).

Rockstars…all of them.



LOVE this little monkey hat! (and his “YO! That was *MY* leaf!” expression).



Sam + Ben


There is no better sibling name combo, in my book, than Sam and Ben. Simple, strong, complementary…and one day, best friends.

Sam became a big brother 8 days ago, and today he introduced me to his new baby (whose name is “Baby Brother AND Benjamin”). Sam was a Sugar Baby three years ago, and I love, love, love photographing our babies all grown up, with little brothers and sisters of their own.

Ben proved to be the opposite of his older brother as a newborn…sleepy, curly, and dry ’till the very end (at which point he baptized Mom instead of Dad, another opposite from last time).

But he is just as beautiful, and has the added bonus of having a sweetheart of a big brother to follow around VERY soon.

Three year olds are their very own challenge during any photography session, and my hat goes off to Sam for being unbelievably cooperative today.

He was pretty fascinated with all of Ben’s parts and pieces:

This one just makes me happy…you can see *exactly* how hard Sam was trying to do *exactly* what I was asking him to do. Love this kid!
IMG_3496 copy

Sweet Pea Ben:

Congratulations you two…you have a beautiful family, and two very special little boys to watch grow. I hope this next year brings nothing but laughter and joy to your family of four :)
IMG_3598 copy


What was left under our tree?


Meet “Christmas”.

We hope everyone had as magical a holiday as we did!


Merry Christmas Eve!

gift certificate front

We’re headed off to see Santa in a bit…can’t wait to see the baby’s reaction to the Big Man in Red!

We have a few gift certificates left…let us know if we can fill one out for you (any amount, any product).

Hope your Christmas is magical in every way :)