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Kayla + Will

Confession: When Kayla jumped out of her mom’s car today I had tears in my eyes. She has grown SO much. I’ve photographed this pair for (counting on my fingers…) 4 years now? 5? And suddenly, today, I saw the lovely, poised, confident young woman that Kayla is becoming and had literal TEARS in my eyes. She’s only a year older than my eldest daughter…is this what I have to look forward to in just one more year?

At least I could comfort myself with the knowledge that almost-five-year-old Will is still the mischievous little boy that I know and love from last year.

I love this one of the two of them…

IMG_7949 copy



Emma + Nick

IMG_7780 copy
We squeezed in a quick make-up mini session today before the full session I had scheduled, and I am SO glad I we were able to make it work. I love seeing these kids every year, and this family is no exception. Emma and Nick are active in modeling and acting, and they are such a blast to work with. They definitely know how to work a camera!

Emma was so great at posing…and as the camera click, click, clicked she’d pose, pose, pose. I was laughing out loud and just tried to keep up. She made my job seem VERY easy!

Nick is an absolute ham, and I wanted to just eat him up! That little jacket of his was so perfect for photos!

I love siblings…capturing their interaction and making sure they are having FUN (instead of torturing one another) is always a fun little challenge, and one that I really enjoy :)


Daniel, Charlie + Michael

This morning was absolutely perfect for photos, and Daniel and Charlie brought their new little brother out to meet me. I’m sure their parents think I’m certifiably crazy after this morning (picture two boys running in opposite directions while I babble on about how GREAT! everyone is doing! (I promise, I always mean it. They DID do wonderfully, even if we grown ups did manage to earn our stripes in the process ;) )

But just look at how sweet:
IMG_7549 copy

Middle man Charlie has model potential, I think:
IMG_7466class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1268″ />

Big brother Daniel cracked me up with his “exploring outfit”. I think he put on (and took off) the hat and vest about 20 times this morning:

Littlest man Michael, and his gorgeous blue eyes and sweet little smile:


Natalie + Taylor

IMG_7045 copy

These two sisters were SUCH fun! I haven’t seen Natalie in a little over a year, and WOW has she grown up! Miss Taylor has since joined the family, and these girls were so sweet and loving with one another (and quick to giggle too!).

Their mom is a HUGE etsy fan, as I was in cute-clothes heaven while going through their outfits for the shoot. I’m including the etsy source shops at the end of the post for those that want some of these cute clothes for their own little ones ;) (myself included!)


Sweet little curled up toes always make me smile.
Untitled-2 copy

I love a good family snuggle :)

We headed outdoors for a few. Sidenote: Dear Mosquito that feasted on my temple, I hope you had a good time…I didn’t stop to swat you away, even though I KNEW you were there. Why? Because THIS shot was developing (and I sacrifice for my art. *SNORT* (but really-SWOON))

Little Taylor was done. Done, done, PUT-ME-TO-BED I. AM. DONE. But then…we got one last adorable smile out of her. LOVE HER.

The Big Sis/Little Sis shop is from Green Apple Boutique
The 1 shirt (and not shown, but ADORABLE pumpkin shirts for Fall-go look!) are from Modern Frills

Go shop, but save me a pumpkin shirt or 3, K? ;)


Maggie (+ Katie)


I’m sure this family doesn’t need an introduction. Maggie and her parents have been followed by scores of blog readers for years (if you’re new to the story of Allie, click HERE). I consider myself lucky to be able to count Jenny and her family among my nearest and dearest friends, and our annual photo shoot was an absolute blast from beginning to end.

She laughs like a banshee, dances like Elaine, and has the blue eyes and blond hair of an angel. LOVE. THIS. CHILD.

IMG_6919 copy




We let Maggie take the spotlight, but did try to find time for the newest little girl in the Scott household, baby Katie (due in early 2010).
IMG_6829 copy