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Fathers make the world go ’round…

This session took place about a week and a half ago and it seems like the perfect way to commemorate Father’s Day.

Tyra started following me on Twitter, and I vaguely knew about her husband Steve through a mutual friend of ours. She emailed for information about booking a session, and after reading the link to their blog I offered to do their session for free.

The date was booked, then rescheduled, and when we met for the session it was hotter than heck, the park was packed, and it was an hour later than I usually like to shoot.


I was touched by this obviously loving family of four (with their stoic older son Cooper (whose eyes see right through and INTO you), and their younger daughter Katie (with her bubbly personality and infectious fascination with everything around her)).

And it’s not just because their children are precious, or the parents are silly, goofy, put-your-arms-around-me-and-kiss-me-you-goose in love. It’s because of all this family has had to face, and continues to face. Because their father and husband is the nucleus of this family, and their love for him resonates so loudly that it just shines through in the photographs.

And because children should never have to worry about how long their dad can stand unassisted. Or help push his wheelchair up a hill. Or ask their Mom when she catches a cold “Mommy, what if you get cancer, too? Who will drive us places?”.

On this Father’s Day I snuggled with my husband and our three beautiful children. And I called my own Daddy and told him that I love him. And then I sat and thought about this family, and this very special man in their life.

And I know that Steve could not have been surrounded by more love than that of his adoring wife and children.

And then I pray that his body continues to kick that inoperable brain tumor’s ass (pardon my french).

To read more about Steve and follow his journey, please visit his blog:





IMG_9969 copy


IMG_0021 copy


Little brother Charlie…

(a preemptive blanket apology for any typos…the blog is up and running, technically, but I’m unable to correct any typos once I hit publish. Which is making me twitch. IJS

Today we had sweet Charlie’s newborn session. His big brother Matthew and big sister Caroline know me and my camera very well, and as this was their parents’ THIRD newborn session, they know me pretty well too ;)

This little guy is 10 days old, and did NOT want to sleep (but DID want to use the bathroom all over his poor mommy…she’s a trooper!).

We finally did get him to sleep (all hail the power of a full tummy!), and I am so happy with the results.

IMG_0267 copy

IMG_0262 copy

IMG_0224 copy

Third babies are the best! I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow over the next year. :)


Details, schmetails…

I guess all those warnings about UPGRADE WORDPRESS NOW and YOU HAVE THE OLDEST VERSION KNOWN TO MAN were, like, serious or something.

Because a few weeks ago I stopped being able to upload recent sessions. Which has probably a) made you think we’ve gone into hiding, or b) made you think that we’re living on a tropical island and sipping on rum and pineapple juice.

And AS MUCH as I’d dearly like to say that B is true, neither is true. Instead, it’s just C) We’re still here, still shooting, and have been forced through modern technology to enter the modern world of Wordpress (which, is actually, sort of *ahem* cool).

SO…all that to say: I’ll be uploading recent sessions like crazy every free minute I have over the next few days (which, with 3 kids home for summer vacay ISN’T A WHOLE LOT). So check back!

Missed you guys!