Monthly Archives: May 2009

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Sweet William…

I am so behind in blogging…look for a few catch-up posts in the next day or so as I try to keep up!

In the meantime, this is sweet William.  He is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons, one being that I was supposed to photograph his birth, but it was so close to our own baby’s due date that I had to pass.  And as it turns out, they are just two days apart.  I see baby playdates in our very near future!

He was such a love.  Big blue eyes, grabby hands, chubby thighs and gummy smiles.  His mommy made this a very low key session, and big brother was off at Mother’s Day Out while Daddy was at work. So we could really focus on William.  It *is* his baby plan after all!

And, of course, a great crying pic. I won’t tell you what he’s doing that made him cry in the first place…but *ahem*…look where his hands are ;)    BOYS!



Another babyplanner has officially graduated from Sugar. SNIFF SNIFF!

Sweet Carmen charmed me early on, and we had a great time at her 6 month session. But this session, at 17 months, is the one that absolutely blew me away. I know very few (if any) 17 month olds that are as cognitive and aware as she is (I mean, hello…she’s POTTY TRAINED!).

We had a blast this morning! Take a look at this sweet, oh-so-big girl.


More grandparents!

We’ve had a run of grandparent oriented sessions lately, and they are really such a fun way to celebrate the generations in your family.  This sweet family you’ve seen more than once before (their daughter is my daughter’s bff, and at one point they were going to get “mawwied”. I can’t think of better in-laws! ;) )



Sweet Campbell had her last babyplan session today, just one year and one day from the first time I met her (sniff, sniff).  She has grown so much (even from the last time I saw her), and I will dearly miss seeing these big blue eyes every few months.

The proverbial Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ;)


Campbell + Davis…

The last time I saw this family they had little Davis still on the way. It was an absolute pleasure to see this cute family again, and to meet Mr. Davis.  These two brothers are as sweet and loving as they can be, and I had THE BEST time chasing these two little towheads around the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

The tossing-in-the-air is always as winner, and one of my favorites to do in a session, but it’s this split second BEFORE the toss that made this one blog-worthy.  Look at his gleeful little face!