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This sweet family wins the award for most persistent. I am NOTORIOUSLY bad about returning phone calls…I keep waiting until the baby is asleep, the house is quiet, I’m not in my car, or until I AM in my car. The next thing I know it’s midnight once again (*heavy sigh*) and I still haven’t returned the calls!  This family happens to know friends of ours, and they went the smart route and had our mutual friend call me up and say “PLEASE call them back!”.  You see, the grandparents live in Germany, and were flying home…TODAY.

And of COURSE, how could I possibly say no?  Bad phone skills, FTW.

They requested only black and white photos…but I LOVE color so much. Can’t help but show them at least a few that are vibrant and fun like this one:


Preston + Jackson…

This morning we had Preston’s 2nd babyplan session, and WOW did these boys do a stellar job!  Not only was it cold and windy, but well, it was cold. And windy.

But give me these sweet boys any day…they rocked it.

It’s family movie night here in the Sugar household, and I hear that they boys’ grandmother is waiting for these…so here are my 3 quick-grab favorites from today.  LOVE!



Sweet Sabian brought his parents to the Arboretum today for his one year session, and despite the threatening weather (and the fact that this was our THIRD attempt…darn you Texas spring!), we had a fabulous session.

Look at this sweet little man…I just wanted to nibble on his head. He is SO wee and cute!

Sabian came home from Vietnam in January, and OH! He is so loved.

This little looks cracks me up…he was two seconds away from depetaling one of those flowers (and then, he did). Such a boy!

Crazy hair! Love!


Annie + Lucy…

Kelly asked about a session months ago, right after arriving home with her youngest daughter, and today was finally the day…the weather cooperated, the girls were darling, and just take a look at the clothes she put together. Yummy!

We had a ball today, and from the gorgeous clothes to the drums to the antique truck, this session had a definite cool factor working for it from the word go.

For those that don’t know Kelly and Justin, they are the parents to Lucy and Annie. Kelly keeps a very active blog with LOTS of followers (no pressure!)…and as a photographer that just hung her shingle up for business, it’s an honor to be asked to photograph her sweet family.

Kelly-I hope you love!

Justin is a drummer for a touring band, and I can’t tell you WHO he tours with, but I will say that they’ve been to the Grammy’s.  And in case they were wondering, I am *always* available to play personal photographer at their next Grammy appearance ;) (I’m a giver like that)



Speaking of sessions that have had to be rescheduled…sweet Samuel was originally booked for earlier in the week, but his parents were having to drive in from over an hour away, so when Saturday morning opened up, we offered to bump them to a no-morning-rush-hour type of day ;)   And it worked!  It was beautifully overcast, which let us shoot in areas of the park that I normally can’t use because there isn’t shade.  And he came out of the car happy and smiling, and as a photographer you really can’t ask for more than that!

Except…great big eyes. And a set of adoring parents.  Needless to say, we had a great session.

Samuel brought along his cousin, Julianna (who, coincidentally, attends the same preschool as my kiddos), and she was a HUGE help…as you can see, he pretty much thinks she’s the coolest kid around.