Monthly Archives: January 2009

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Matthew is ONE…

Happy Birthday to yet another of our little baby planners.  It’s hard enough when MY kids grow up before I can turn around, but to see so many of our little buddies here at Sugar growing like weeds before the lens? Well, that just might push me over the edge.  Wasn’t it yesterday that we met Matthew before he was even born? Not to mention all of his little stages in between.


Big sister Caroline still leads the pack, but he’s now a rough and tumble, waits-for-no-Momma kind of guy…and with a mischievous smile that could melt any heart.

Big congratulations to this sweet family…Can you see the bump hiding above?  Baby #3 is on it’s way!  Which is just the salve I need after losing another sweet baby planner to Toddlerhood.


Newborn Noah…

I had the great pleasure of meeting Noah on Friday and not only indoctrinating my new (sexy beast of a) camera, but what a great way to take a quick break from maternity leave? Newborns are my fave, fave, FAVORITE!  They have little personalities, even at this age.  I love getting to know them… their quirks, their expressions.  Figuring out what I need to do to get amazing photos of them for their parents is the challenge that thrills me and keeps every newborn session fresh and interesting.  As a mommy of a recent newborn myself (now three months old!), I know exactly how precious this teeny tiny stage is.

Noah wins the award for being the only newborn I’ve ever worked with that stayed awake THE ENTIRE TIME.  Okay, so he slept for about 5 minutes…but then I tried to curl him up on his tummy (which all newborns love, right? Not exactly…).  He’s not a tummy guy. He’s not big into curling up and resuming that in-utero position.

Nope, not Noah…he likes to S-T-R-E-T-C-H. And lay only on his side or back (thankyouverymuch), and watch everything with wide, interested eyes.  He has such a worried little old man expression at times, which is my favorite thing about newborns. They look so wise, don’t you think?

What’s that? Enough blab? Photos?

I think he was trying to tell me something…this was the last image of the day. And probably my favorite.